Illegal Hunt Protected by Police as they Savage Deer


On Saurday 25th October the Surrey Union Foxhunt had their opening meet at Gosterwood Manor ,Forest Green. They moved quickly from the meet to the Lukyns estate near Ewhurst in an effort to lose the hunt saboteurs who were in attendance.

Just before one o’clock the hunt were drawing a small wood when the hounds chased and quickly caught a Roe deer. Several hounds savaged it causing horrendous injuries and the screams of the deer brought one saboteur to the scene. He managed to get the hounds off it and frantically tried to call other sabs to help.


It was at this point that Surrey Police showed that they didn’t give a damn for the torment of the deer and prolonged its suffering by refusing to let the other saboteurs present come to it’s aid. Four sabs were arrested for aggrevated trespass in their efforts to get to the deer. Many of the sabs have worked at animal sanctuaries and could have quickly accessed its injuries and by their actions the Police only protracted the animals agony for a further twenty to thirty minutes. Eventually some more reasonable police went to the deer and the lone saboteur and realising that it was beyond saving arranged for the poor animal to shot.


The four arrested saboteurs were taken away to spend many hours in the cells and the rest of the sabs continued to stick with the hunt until the end to prevent further loss of life.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, Stated: “Chasing and savaging a deer is in contravention of the hunting Act and we would expect to see Surrey Police prosecuting the Surrey Union Hunt. Quite the opposite happened on Saturday however when the police were happy to act as private security for these law breakers and even arrested the saboteurs who were trying to prevent this poor animal from suffering further. Time and again we have said there should be a recklessness clause added to the Hunting Act and this is further evidence that it is needed. These illegal hunts deliberately put their hounds into areas they are likely to chase and kill wildlife and they should face prosecution as a result. Such behaviour by the hunts and the police only makes us more determined in our fight to protect wildlife.”



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