HSA news release 31st December 1994

In amazing scenes at the Old Berkshire Foxhunt meet at Uffington today, a task force of 5 police officers from Faringdon police descended on saboteurs and bullied them out of the area. The squad was headed by PC Tim Dunning, who is a member of the Old Berkshire Hunt and socialises with their top officials. He has been the subject of many complaints from saboteurs before for his blatantly biased and unlawful actions while policing hunts.

Six members of Swindon Hunt Saboteurs had only just arrived at today's hunt when the squad of officers was called in by hunt secretary Edward Leigh-Pemberton, son of the former governor of the Bank of England and a personal friend of PC Dunning's. The saboteurs had just come off a footpath they had been standing on to watch the hunt and were standing peacefully on the road. The saboteurs, including Rev Bert Jones, a 67-year old United Reformed Church Minister, were astonished as the police:

HSA news release 17th December 1994

Northamptonshire police were sorely overstretched today as they tried to cope with the effects of the new measures against hunt saboteurs in the Criminal Justice Act.

Saboteurs in Northants had successful days at the Grafton Foxhunt, the Bicester with Whaddon Chase Foxhunt and the Woodland Pytchley Foxhunt, saving many foxes, while the police struggled to cope.

A carload of saboteurs first arrived at the Grafton Hunt meet at Astwell and a police van was dispatched from Brackley division to deal with them. Meanwhile, a vanload of saboteurs was arriving at the Bicester Hunt meet at Marston St Lawrence. Brackley were unable to field another van and so the two hunts had to be policed by the one vanload of officers who struggled to flit between the two. Saboteurs had successful days at both hunts, preventing the hunts from killing any animals, despite the usual aggression and intimidation from the Bicester Hunt. In one incident, a local landowner was ridden into a ditch by hunt members when he tried to object to the hunt trespassing.

HSA news release 19th November 1994

An otherwise peaceful protest at the Essex Foxhunt disintegrated into widespread violence against protesters by a task force mounted by Essex Police today.

A group of around 200 protesters, including hunt saboteurs, travelled to the Essex Hunt's meet at Good Easter, near Chelmsford, as part of a week-long series of protests against the Criminal Justice Act. Essex Police appear to have anticipated the protesters presence as they were able to quickly deploy a substantial task force at the hunt which included the force's helicopter, a mobile prison, 10 transit vans and several patrol cars and Land Rovers.


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