HSA news release 25th August 2003

Hunt supporters issue death threats in attack on protestors

"We're fed up of talking. You're all gonna be f***ing dead and buried."

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) today warned its members to be on their guard after a group of anti-hunt protestors in Sussex were attacked and threatened.

2 protestors were walking along a public footpath near a cub hunting meet of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt at Chuck Farm, Littleworth, when they were jumped by 3 hunt supporters from behind. One of the protestors, aged 16, was punched in the face, kicked in the ribs, then had a hunting horn ripped from his neck, where it was hanging from a bootlace. The attackers then went on to threaten the pair, saying "We're fed up of talking. You're all gonna be f***ing dead and buried."

At the time of the attack the protestors had not even attempted to disrupt the hunt. After the attack the protestors ensured the hunt did not kill from the safety of the road.

The police were called and recovered the stolen hunting horn, after being shown where it was by men who are suspected to be supporters or employees of the hunt.

The HSA believes this signals a move by militants in the hunting fraternity, whom the Countryside Alliance have admitted they cannot control, to pursue threats of attacks against people opposed to hunting. HSA spokesperson Nathan Brown provided the organisation's view: "This, the HSA's fortieth season, could prove to be the most violent we have yet faced. People who engage in cruelty against animals often have the same disregard for human life. Surely this adds to the argument that hunting should be banned. We are taking this threat seriously but we will not be deterred from saving animals' lives."

Notes for anyone interested:-
The Hunt Saboteurs Association has been using non-violent direct action against hunting since 1963.
2 hunt saboteurs have died at hunts and countless others have been seriously injured.