HSA News Release 21st August 2009

Derbyshire Police payout over £37,000 to Hunt Saboteurs

11 Hunt saboteurs from Yorkshire and the Midlands have each received over £3,000 after reaching an out-of-court settlement with the Derbyshire Constabulary following their wrongful arrest in January 2008.

The saboteurs were in attendance on the Meynall and South Staffordshire Fox Hunt when they were arrested under anti-trade union legislation after the police deployed the force helicoptor and dog units. They were held unlawfully for 24 hrs and the 11 were on police bail for several months. As part of the settlement DNA and finerprint evidence is in the process of being removed from police databases.

HSA News Release 19th January 2009

Fox hunts revert to type…

Violence and lawbreaking has returned to the countryside in 2009 as fox hunts continue to hunt and kill in spite of the hunt ban, and hunt supporters resort to violence and theft in order to protect the lawbreakers.

All hunts get extra media attention on Boxing Day and they tend to be on their very best behaviour, but once the spotlight it off it’s only hunt saboteurs and hunt monitors who witness what’s really happening.

At the Avon Vale Fox Hunt on 27th December, seven Hunt Saboteurs were in attendance to investigate claims of illegal hunting. Before they were able to unpack their cameras and start to gain evidence of law breaking, they were attacked by up to 15 armed men wearing balaclavas. The assailants broke a camcorder and stole the batteries before setting about the group. When police were called four times, one officer eventually arrived who seemed unconcerned about investigating the allegations of assault and theft.

HSA News Release 26th December 2008

Please: make US redundant!

Hunt Saboteurs around the country are readying themselves for yet another bloody boxing day – nearly four years after the hunt ban came into effect.

Fox hunts are still killing at will, therefore the role of hunt saboteurs is as important as it ever was; saving hunted animals in the field.

Footage of exactly that is available here

Thousands of hunters signed a pledge to break the ban and risk prosecution in 2004. It now seems that they needn’t have bothered. The numerous loopholes in the Hunting Act make securing a conviction very difficult and the hunts have cottoned on to this – and act with impunity.