HSA News Release 1st November 2008

What the fox going on? Hunts allow media access as long as no questions are asked

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) stated today that after more than 40 years of getting between hunters and their quarry, their work continues much as ever, almost four years after the Hunting Act came into effect.

1st November is traditionally the start of the hunting season proper, although fox hunts have been out terrorising the English wildlife for several months now, engaging in “cubbing” – or “autumn hunting” as the hunts like to refer to the early morning or late afternoon hunting used to train new hounds.

HSA News Release 14th January 2008


Remember that hunting ban?

The Surrey Union foxhunt managed to kill yet again in public last Saturday 5th January. For the second year running they allowed their hounds to pursue and kill a fox in open view. Last year it was after trespassing on a golf course at Newdigate.. This time it was in Ockley, Surrey. The hounds chased a fox into the middle of the village and caught and disembowelled it in the centre of the cricket pitch. The police eventually turned up after a 999 call and took a statement from a bystander who witnessed the horrific scenes as the animal was ripped apart by a full pack of hounds.

HSA News Release 24th November 2007

Anti-hunt protestors claim that this afternoon police ignored blatant illegal fox hunting and failed to prevent a serious assault against them.

At the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, held at Bluegate Farm, Wherstead today (Sat 24th November) a hunt rider was seen to ride his horse over a female protester repeatedly, causing significant injuries to her legs and back.

While the hunt were in the vicinity of Freston Church, it is alleged that the hounds were chasing a fox over a road after emerging from a wood in pursuit. It is claimed that the huntsman was close by and was doing nothing to prevent the hounds from chasing the live quarry.