HSA News Release 19th November 2007

In Swindon crown court today (19th November) two hunt servants were convicted of theft of a video camera from a hunt monitor. The charges related to an incident in October 2005 involving the Avon Vale Foxhunt, at Bromham, near Melksham in Wiltshire. The hunt had been putting their hounds through some scrubland and hunt monitors suspected illegal hunting and started filming with a video camera in order to gain evidence of a breach of the Hunting Act 2004. A quad bike was driven at them and then David Gibbons, a hunt steward, who then grabbed hold of the female monitor. Then Malcolm Scobie, a huntsman on horseback grabbed the video camera and rode off with it.

HSA News Release 1st November 2007

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) stated today that they were ready for what would traditionally be the start of a new fox-hunting season. Despite media reports to the contrary, hunt saboteurs, who have over 40 years experience of sabotaging hunting activities, firmly believe that the Hunting Act is a workable piece of legislation, and that the end of hunting as we know it is well on the way. Two convictions have just been upheld, and Anne Widdecombe has indicated that there is a case for tightening the Act.

The 20 convictions so far (with more coming soon) demonstrate the Hunting Act is workable, and enforceable.

HSA News Release 11th October 2007


John HawkinsJohn Hawkins. Guilty of Greivous Bodily harm against a Hunt Saboteur

On October 11th 2007 a Brighton Crown Court jury found John Hawkins a 69 year old Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter guilty of Grevious Bodily Harm, after deliberating for more than nine hours to reach a majority verdict. Hawkins, who runs a private slaughter house at Singers Farm, Cowfold, will be sentenced on November 8th.

The case relates to an incident on 29th January 2005, where Hawkins struck hunt saboteur, Lynn Phillips with a stick, causing a "night-stick fracture" of the forearm. This is a fracture caused where a person brings their arm up to defend their head from an overhead blow. The incident ocured at Spear Hill, near Ashington, W. Sussex.