HSA News Release 27th February 2007

Hunt monitors expressed dismay and horror today after the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, exposed only last week for hunting illegally in a new report by the League Against Cruel Sports, were seen to be yet again be blatantly hunting live quarry – ultimately leading to the death of a hound on the A24.

The hunt met at 11am at The Bridge Pub, Copsale near Horsham, West Sussex, and had been seen hunting illegally by the monitors present. Despite intimidation from the ‘hunt stewards’ present (employed by the hunt to prevent monitors getting near enough to the action to get video evidence) and tampering with the monitors vehicle by letting a tyre down, monitors remained with the hunt throughout the day. Just before 3pm this afternoon a hound was killed after straying onto the busy A24. When monitors asked the huntsman how this could happen if they were ‘trail hunting’ as they claimed he replied that no trail had been laid at all.

HSA News Release 17th February 2007


Violence erupted at a meet of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds today at Whatfield, north of Sudbury in Suffolk. After chasing it through a farmyard, over a fence, across a road and into a wood, the hounds caught and killed an fox. Hunt stewards then warned monitors that they would “end up in hospital today”. Police were in attendance all day, yet the stewards came upon the group of 6 monitors and savagely assaulted them. Two of the stewards were subsequently arrested by Suffolk Police on suspicion of Violent Disorder, and later another steward, and the terrier man of the hunt were also arrested for the same offence.

HSA News Release 3rd February 2007

Hunt monitors present at a meet of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt were today subjected to a horrific unprovoked attack on them and their vehicle, leaving the driver with a suspected broken arm. The hunt supporters attacked the vehicle late on in the day, attempting to steal the keys and when this failed they proceeded to smash all the vehicles windows in an attempt to get at those inside. A spade was used to smash the driver’s window and then attack the driver, who is now awaiting the results of x-rays at hospital. The incident happened around 4pm after the hunt had met at Walter’s Green, Fordcombe near Tunbridge Wells.