HSA news comment 27th December 2006

Hunt figures enter fantasy league

Hunting is apparently more popular now than ever - or would be if you believed what you read or saw in this year’s post-boxing day media. 300,000 people out supporting hunting? More popular than watching football? In their dreams! That’s over a thousand people at each meet (on average) when, apart from a few prestigious meets, most hunts rarely see more than a few retired military types, drunken farmers and barbour-clad social-climbing incomers.

Journalists (experts when it comes to working out pints or grammes) should surely question the numbers put out?

HSA news release 22nd December 2006


Enforce the bloody law postcard

Petition and postcards ask Govt ‘For Fox Sake Enforce the Ban!'

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has unveiled a new petition and postcard campaign asking the Government to enforce the ban on hunting, and the first postcard returns are arriving at the Home Office now ready for the Boxing Day hunts. Boxing Day remains a keynote date on the hunting calendar, and the 26th December will see hunts up and down the country meeting and parading in public. The HSA, an anti-hunt organisation with over 40 years of campaigning against all forms of bloodsports, believes the hunt ban can and will work but only if the powers that be pull their finger out and enforce it!

HSA news release 1st November 2006

Hunt Saboteurs write to all Police forces to say ‘For Fox Sake - Enforce the Ban!’

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has today written to all police forces in England and Wales in order to ascertain current plans for enforcement of the ban on hunting with hounds. November 1st has traditionally been the start of the publicised hunting season (hunts have been out Cubhunting since August), and this year it also marks the start of the second full season under the hunt ban. Although some hunts marked the start of the season last Saturday (28th October), the majority will hold their full opening meets today, or this coming Saturday.