HSA news release 5th September 2006

When the 'truth' is found to be lies... An open letter from Hunt Saboteurs Association

To put the record straight (as very few journalists have bothered to ask for our comment on the seemingly endless recycling of an alleged attack on anglers in the North-West), the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has ALWAYS considered angling to be a bloodsport.

There is no 'new campaign' against angling - it remains an abhorrent and cruel activity, and as such will continue to be included within our remit as an organisation against ALL bloodsports. Our website (www. huntsabs. org. uk) includes details on how to sabotage angling, and this information has been present in our Tactics Handbook for well over a decade. The HSA itself has been around for over 40 years, and has played a major part in securing a ban on hunting with hounds by using non-violent, direct action tactics.

HSA news release 25th August 2006

Countryside Alliance supporter assaulted a hunt saboteur

A Countryside Alliance supporter has been convicted of attacking a hunt saboteur in clashes on the last day before hunting with dogs was banned on February last year. Farm worker, Wayne Spencer, 39, of Oakhurst Lane, Billingshurst, West Sussex, was found guilty of assaulting Simon Clear but cleared of actual bodily harm. The incident happened after the final meet of Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt at Petworth Park, West Sussex.

A judge fined Spencer £400 with £700 costs at Lewes Crown Court on Friday 25th Aug. 06. He was cleared of unlawfully wounding another protester, Carol Tibbets. The anti hunt victims of the assault believe the very poor presentation of evidence (including sub-standard copying of video material by police) was behind Spencer's acquittal on the more serious charges.

HSA news release 20th May 2006

A 'mink hunt’ made up largely of foxhounds has recently moved into the Leconfield Estate hunt kennels at London Road, Petworth, West Sussex where they rent accommodation.

Describing themselves as the ‘Wealden Mink Hounds’ they set off on Saturday, 20th May to hunt on the River Rother and its surrounding streams between Coates and Coultershaw Bridge south of Petworth. Most of the hunting took place in the streams because the hunt claimed the river was too deep.

One huntsman informed a local person that if they ‘heard a disturbance it was the mink hunt.’ When the response was: ‘I thought that’s illegal now,’ the reply was: ‘Well, lets not get into that now.’