HSA news release 18th May 2006

Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter pleads guilty to driving offences.


John Wesley John Wesley bashing van window

"Hunt supporters are amongst the most law abiding, deeply rooted, most responsible citizens” (Countryside Alliance 2002)

On what should have been the first day of the trial, Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter John Wesley pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention, having no insurance and failing to report an accident.

Horsham magistrates in Sussex gave Wesley 9 points on his licence but he received less than £500 in fines, costs and compensation, and was only ordered to pay £80 of more than £2000 damage he caused, after he rammed a hunt monitor's minibus off the road. The incident had occurred during the first meet of the Crawley and Horsham hunt after the introduction of the Hunting Act in February 2005. Wesley is already banned from driving having been convicted for having no insurance on a more recent occasion.

HSA news release 15th May 2006

A policeman's eye view of Doug Hill

One rule for them...

On 15th May Douglas Hill, Joint Huntmaster of the Essex Farmers and Union Foxhunt narrowly escaped a jail term after being convicted on two counts of assault, assaulting a police officer, criminal damage and threatening behaviour after a four day trial.

The charges related to events on 12th March 2005, when Hill had hit one male sab on the head with his whip, and then spat blood into the face of a police officer. He then repeatedly attacked a female sab with his whip, hitting her twice on the arm and once on the head. She had to attend hospital for concussion.

HSA news release 18th March 2006

A 999 call had to be made for emergency medical help today after hunt saboteurs were viciously attacked by both hunt staff and supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt. Two saboteurs were taken to hospital, one with suspected broken ribs and severe concussion, the other with a suspected broken cheekbone and concussion. The hunt, which met at Sandhurst near Gloucester (Gloucestershire) had been been illegally hunting all day and saboteurs were present to collect evidence and also to intervene if necessary to prevent a kill. Police are currently taking statements in order to investigate the assaults.