HSA news release 22nd February 2006

Police action condemned as ‘ludicrous’

Hunt saboteurs who attempt to prevent illegal hunting, are attacked – and then arrested!

The Hunt Saboteurs Association today condemned the ludicrous actions of police yesterday after they arrested 7 hunt sabotuers on Suspicion of ABH whilst attending a meet of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Fox Hounds, who met near Hastings, East Sussex. The hunt, believed to have been blatantly hunting illegally for several weeks, was seen to be hunting illegally from the start of the day and hunt saboteurs were present to get evidence of this. Within an hour of the hunt starting terriermen with the hunt were found to be digging out a fox which had gone to ground. Hunt saboteurs present tried to intervene in but were subjected to a vicious attack.

HSA news release 17th February 2006

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) today welcomed the coming anniversary of the Hunting Act, the anniversary of which is on Saturday 18th February, but stated that instead of being a mile-stone marking the end of 'traditional' hunting, it risked being a 'red herring date' unless the police started to dedicate resources so that the law could be enforced.

HSA news release 28th January 2006

Hunt saboteurs make 999 call after unprovoked attack by illegal-hunting supporters.

Hunt saboteurs present at a meet ofthe Worcestershire Fox Hounds today had to call 999 after they were attacked by supporters of the hunt as they sought to prevent illegal hunting taking place. The Hunt met at 11am at Elmsbridge, 4 miles north of Droitwich, in Worcestershire and saboteurs present saw immediately that, as previously, the hunt were blatantly hunting illegally – despite the recent hunting ban. The saboteurs present then started to use non-violent direct action tactics against the Hunt in order to prevent them successfully hunting, for example using hunting horns to distract hounds and sprays to cover the scent lines of any foxes in the area. Shortly after a group of hunt supporters launched an unprovoked attack on a saboteur as he walked to his vehicle, hitting him across the face with a stick and dragging him to the ground. The police were immediately called, and the injured saboteur taken to hospital.