HSA news release 21st January 2006

So the Government is 'satisfied' the hunting act is working...

Do they know their arse from their elbow?

Hunts all over the country being caught on film hunting as normal and the police and media do nothing about it - doesn't mean the act is working, it just means they can't be bothered or are too scared or biased to do anything.

HSA news release 14th January 2006

Hunt supporter arrested after vicious attack on hunt monitor

Police Helicopter called in after 999 call

A hunt supporter was arrested yesterday at a meet of the Golden Valley Fox Hounds after he was alleged to have attacked an anti-hunt monitor, injuring him then smashing and stealing his video camera. The hunt met at Rhosgoch, approx 4 miles north of Hay On Wye, Powys at 10.45am on Saturday 14th January and within 15 minutes of the hunt setting off monitors present witnessed blatant illegal hunting, and started to capture evidence through the use of video cameras. A hunt supporter present is then alleged to have launched an unprovoked and vicious attack on the person filming, dragging him off the bonnet of a Land Rover and then smashing the camera. He then also assaulted another monitor who was attempting to help his friend, and finally grabbed a female protestor around the neck before deciding to flee the scene.

HSA news release 4th January 2006

A group of ten hunt monitors from the East Kent Saboteurs attended a meet of the East Kent Foxhounds at Crundale House, near Wye on the 3rd January 2006.

Despite the fact that members of the group were attacked at the same location last year (on the 5th and 19th February 2005 - with injuries ranging from broken ribs, to a head wound needing 17 stitches, both incidents captured on film, and shown on local and national TV news), it was felt that it was important to show the hunt, that this type of thuggery will never put us off, and we shall continue to monitor hunts,