HSA News Release 15th November 2009



On Saturday 14th November, members of Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the opening meet of the Rockwood Harriers Hunt, just South of Emley, Huddersfield.

Most of the group were following the hunt to ensure they weren’t illegally hunting.  The driver and a passenger were in the group's van which was parked by the side of the road.  Suddenly four 4x4 vehicles drove at speed toward the van.  They parked in such a way that the van couldn’t move and two men wearing masks and carrying hammers ran toward the van.  They smashed the windscreen and both rear windows and slashed one of the tyres before returning to their vehicles and racing away.  Other members of the group, in another vehicle, soon arrived at the scene to find the two occupants of the vehicles shaken up and upset by what had happened.  They were just about to call the police when they arrived on the scene.  The police had been called by the hunt complaining that anti-hunt protestors were in the area.  

HSA News Release 11th November 2009

Illegal Fox Hunters shoot at Hunt Saboteurs

Saturday 7th November saw members of the recently formed Hunt and Crime Watch Scotland (HCWS) attend a gathering of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhounds - the Country's most violent hunt - at Garryhorn Farm in Ayrshire

Members of HCWS had been watching the hunt for several hours when one of their number was approached by an armed member of the hunt.
At this point a rider waiting nearby was overheard saying ”the terrier man is allowed to kill him.”  Other members of the group watched in amazement as the hunter raised his weapon, took aim, and fired directly at their friend, barely missing his head, so close that the monitor was able to smell the cordite from the discharged weapon.

News update 7 November 2009

After last Saturdays unprovoked attack on two Hunt Saboteurs by followers of the Southdown and Eridge, Fox Hunt saboteurs from the South East returned to show they will not be intimidated by threats and acts of violence in our efforts to protect the hunted wildlife of this country.

Around thirty Hunt Saboteurs, including the two who were so viciously attacked last week, were present.  The Hunt Saboteurs attended the meet at Golden Cross Equestrian centre and although attempts had been made to avoid any presence of the ‘antis’ by leaving the hunt kennels four hours earlier then normal and holding the days hunting from 8 am. Hunt saboteurs had anticipated such events and were on duty from 6am.