Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 11th April 2013


On the 3rd of November 2012 the huntsman of the financially troubled Crawley & Horsham fox hunt, Nick Bycroft, launched an unprovoked attack on a member of the Hunt Saboteurs Associations (HSA) Land Rover. In the video Hunts Bycroft is seen, riding at speed down School Lane, near Shipley, Sussex in a reckless manner, with no care for the safety of other road users or his horse he forces his horse past the moving vehicle swearing repeatedly. Turning his horse he comes back to the now stationary vehicle and makes two attempts to smash the driver’s side window, in an attempt to hit the driver. In the process he smashes the vehicle wing mirror.NickBycroft

Police at the scene made no arrest but Bycroft was latter summoned attend a police station where he admitted Public order offences (swearing) and Criminal damage. He was fined £150, none of which will be returned to the owner of the vehicle.


Lee Moon, press officer of the HSA stated:

“Once more we have the Crawley & Horsham hunt found guilty of criminal activity. This time it is the paid huntsman who in a fury at just seeing people opposing his hunt launches a furious and unprovoked attack. The punishment is paltry and we can only hope that any future offences by this hunt are treated in a more serious fashion.”

The video of the attack can be viewed here:

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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 7th April 2013

The Hunt Saboteurs Association has pledged to take decisive and direct action to stop the killing of badgers should culling go ahead in June this year in two proposed pilot areas.

"We will not stand idly by while our native wildlife is slaughtered at whim, political or otherwise" they have said.

This government's proposed badger cull has been an unmitigated public relations disaster, it has been proven not only to be unscientific but also extremely unpopular with all sectors of society, including many experts, but still the plan is to go ahead.

We have an arsenal of proven, non-violent, direct tactics developed over the past fifty years of our organisation's existence, and these will need little adjustment to make the badger cull unworkable.

Hunt saboteurs from all over the country are making plans to be in the pilot cull areas. Hunt  sabs will be on the ground to stand between our wildlife and the guns. They will also be offering training to members of the public unaccustomed to hunt sabotage, to ensure that animals are protected safely and non-violently from this unjust action.StopTheCulllLogo

Lee Moon press officer of the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:

"This government has continued to push policies detrimental to our wildlife, be it a proposed repeal of the hunting act, a slaughter of buzzards and deer, and now it aims to decimate our badger population. Many of this government's members are known as part of the hunting and shooting set, and have no understanding of the general public's feelings when it comes to the unwarranted slaughter of our wildlife. Hunt saboteurs will as always act in support of the will of people and ensure our wildlife has a not only a voice, but an active protector in the planned slaughter fields."


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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release 5th April 2013

The financially troubled Crawley & Horsham Fox hunt was convicted on May 15th 2012 of 5 counts of illegal hunting.  Following these convictions it would be expected that such a high profile blood sport organisation and its supporters would attempt to keep within the law but that has not been the case.

In the last year alone supporters of this hunt have been found guilty or have been issued warnings for the following:

  • Road traffic and health & safety offences where a young child was endangered by being made to ride unrestrained on the open trailer of a quad bike on the public roads during a hunt near Netherwood on the 29th September 20012 (video available)
  • Illegally making street collections in Horsham town centre in January 2013
  • A Section 59 of the police reform act 2002 for dangerous driving with no concern for the safety of pedestrians during a hunt near Dragon's green on the 10th march 2013
  • A hunt supporter was warned for making improper sexual comments to female anti-hunt campaigner again near Netherwood on the 29th September 20012

Other incidents are with Sussex police and will be resolved in the next few months.Quad 290912 Netherwood C&H

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: "These numerous separate incidents show that those who partake in hunting believe themselves to be above the law and can act in any fashion they see fit, endangering the public and their own children in reckless acts. The rapidly reducing numbers attending this hunt, and others, show that hunting is a dying pursuit and that in the 21st century such activities and attitudes are not acceptable.  The sooner this hunt shuts up shop for good the better for society as a whole."

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Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 17th March 2013

On Saturday 16th of March as part of a clearly planned attack saboteurs from the Essex and Suffolk group were attacked. Using sticks tipped with metal supporters of the hunt assaulted and beat the saboteurs aiming in particular for the person carrying the video camera, smashing it beyond use. Saboteurs were also kicked and punched in the head in the sustained attacked.WolfiesabHeadInjury

Following this incident the hunt chased a fox to earth into a badger sett and proceeded to dig into the sett in breach of both the Protection of badgers act 1993 and the Hunting act 2004. Saboteurs on the scene were again attacked with spades and multiple assaults were committed, resulting in many injuries such as pictured. Essex police responded to a 999 call with four vehicles and a helicopter and acted on the clearly visible injuries by arresting a saboteur for breach of the peace, although no charges were pressed. On request for action to their assaults they were told by police in attendance to report them to a police station later.

Lee Moon of the hunt Saboteurs Association stated:

“Faced with a clear breach of animal welfare law and numerous assaults to hunt saboteurs, Essex police responded by blaming the victims and ignoring the crimes against wildlife. They seem to be acting in the time honoured stance of turning a blind eye to hunt violence and animal cruelty. It’s about time Essex police started realising that times have changed and the public expects these criminal acts to be treated the same as if they were in the high street on Saturday.”

Crime reference: Essex Police 540160313

Twitter: @EssexPoliceUK



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Hunt saboteurs association Press Release March 10th 2013

Grimsby Man Tortures Fox

Recently three men have been jailed after capturing themselves on camera committing sustained and horrific levels of animal cruelty in a case the RSPCA described as “the most disturbing” he has handled in 23 years.

The crimes came to the light after a Hunt Saboteur passed on photographic and video evidence, first to the League against Cruel Sports (LACS), who then handed it onto the RSPCA. Mark Wesley Smith, Liam Patrick Ardito and Gary Cannon, all from Grimsby, admitted setting their dogs on a trapped fox in a sickening cage fight on the town’s golf course, where they had posed as pest controllers.

But there was third unidentified man who was not located. We need to find this man urgently so he can face the same charges as the other men.
If you know this man please report his identity to the Police and RSPCA, if you feel unable to do this for reasons of personal safety please let the Hunt Saboteurs Association know the information and we will pass it onto the Police for you.

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