Nigel Farage Boxing Day 2014Members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association from the South East attended the boxing day meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent fox hunt who met at Chiddingstone Castle, Kent. The huntsman, Mark Bycroft, has two convictions for assault on hunt saboteurs as well as stating pre-ban that he would still hunt foxes despite any law. He was pictured last year shaking hands with Nigel Farage which made national news alongside video of Bycroft’s most recent criminal assault.


It seems Nigel Farage has no concern about being seen with violent criminals, nor those who are happy to slaughter our wildlife, as he was once again in attendance this Boxing day.


During the day a female hunt saboteur was pulled out of her vehicle by a hunt supporter by her hair, two others were kicked by horses and there were numerous incidents of blocking of the highway by the hunt and its supporters. Kent police looked on impassively as this law breaking went on.


Lee Moon of the Hunt Saboteurs Association said; “Once again Nigel Farage believes his working man image by supporting an activity which 80% of the population agree should be stopped, and compounds this by attending a hunt known for its violence against saboteurs. We can only hope that the general public assign both hunting and Mr. Farage to the history books next May.”



As Boxing Day looms the Countryside Alliance publicity machine will roll into action peddling a sanitised, harmless version of hunting to the media. The reality is somewhat different and involves illegality and a desperate desire to kill by the hunting community. A vivid example of this occurred on the 17th December at a meet of the Fife Foxhounds who met at Findas Farm, Cupar, Fife.


Towards the end of the day the hunt chased a fox into an active badger sett. It is illegal to interfere with a badger sett so the  hunt should have immediately withdrawn but instead they sent their terrier men in to dig out and then shoot the fox.


Members of Perthshire and Grampian hunt saboteurs managed to sit in the sett entrances to prevent the terrier men digging and in their fury at being thwarted the terrier men assaulted and pointed loaded guns at the saboteurs. The sabs refused to back down and there was a three hour stand off at the sett with the police watching on. As darkness fell the Wildlife Crime officer finally arrived. He claimed it was too dark to ascertain if it was an active badger sett but instructed the terrier men to leave.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: "Well done to these brave saboteurs, who despite being outnumbered by men with guns, saved the life of this fox. Pointing a loaded gun at someone is illegal and we demand that Iain Dickson has his firearms license revoked.

The Countryside Alliance use Boxing day to promote the image of fox hunting as a harmless past time involving a jolly ride across the countryside with your chums. The incident shown in the attached video is the grisly reality of hunting that occurs away from the media spotlight."


Note to editors:

Footage of the incident can be viewed here.


Photo attached shows the hunt terrier man pointing a loaded gun at a hunt saboteur.


The Albrighton and Woodland Foxhunt illegally killed a fox today despite the best efforts of hunt saboteurs to save the animal. The saboteurs were able to retrieve the body and the incident has been reported to West Mercia Police.
The hunt met at the Robin Hood Inn, Drayton Road, Stourbridge and then proceeded to hunt near Drayton House and Drayton Pool. Sabs heard hounds in full cry on the trail of the fox and despite trying to intervene couldn't stop them killing the fox and dragging its body into a stream. Members of the hunt stood by and did nothing as the kill took place.
Fox Killed by the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt - 1 Fox Killed by the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt - 2 Fox Killed by the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt - 3


The hunt carried on and sabs successfully intervened to save another fox before the hunt packed up at 3pm. They then went and spoke to the proprietor of the Robin Hood Inn and showed him photos of the murdered fox. They asked him to bar the hunt from meeting at his pub but he refused to comment on the matter.
The illegal kill has been reported to the police and the fox's body will be autopsied.
Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Sadly on this occasion hunt saboteurs were unable to stop the illegal murder of this fox. All credit to them however for managing to retrieve the body as evidence and for saving another fox later in the day. This type of illegal hunting takes place constantly and it is only thanks to the presence of hunt saboteurs that the hunts don't get away scot free. We hope that West Mercia police investigate this crime but we sadly believe that, as so often in the past, they will turn a blind eye to the illegal slaughter of our wildlife.”

Secret footage, filmed over the summer by hunt saboteurs, shows employees, believed to be from the North Cotswold hunt, carrying out activities that would strongly suggest they are flouting the Hunting Act.

 thumb Artificial earth.web

The hunt can be seen feeding foxes near a disused badger sett that is used by foxes in order to maintain a steady supply of foxes in a particular location. This location is a popular meet of theirs and the footage shows them actively hunting their hounds in that precise spot. Members of the hunt can also be seen blocking up an artificial earth in order to stop the fox being able to seek refuse when being chased by hounds. A fox can then clearly be seen running past the blocked earth closely pursued by hounds who are being encouraged to chase it by hunt supporters.


Some of these acts, such as encouraging hounds to chase the fox, are illegal in their own right. Others, such as the feeding of foxes, while not illegal in themselves show an intent by the hunt to encourage foxes to an area where they like to hunt. Presumably this can only be because they wish to hunt these foxes in direct contravention of the Hunting Act.

thumb Blocking foxes escape.web thumb Feeding foxes.web thumb hunted fox.web thumb Feeding foxes2.web

The Hunt Saboteurs Association believe such activities are endemic amongst hunts in the UK and this is the first expose of many that we will be giving to the national media over the coming months.



On Saurday 25th October the Surrey Union Foxhunt had their opening meet at Gosterwood Manor ,Forest Green. They moved quickly from the meet to the Lukyns estate near Ewhurst in an effort to lose the hunt saboteurs who were in attendance.

Photo Of Deer Savaged By Surrey Union Foxhounds

Just before one o'clock the hunt were drawing a small wood when the hounds chased and quickly caught a Roe deer. Several hounds savaged it causing horrendous injuries and the screams of the deer brought one saboteur to the scene. He managed to get the hounds off it and frantically tried to call other sabs to help.


It was at this point that Surrey Police showed that they didn't give a damn for the torment of the deer and prolonged its suffering by refusing to let the other saboteurs present come to it's aid. Four sabs were arrested for aggrevated trespass in their efforts to get to the deer. Many of the sabs have worked at animal sanctuaries and could have quickly accessed its injuries and by their actions the Police only protracted the animals agony for a further twenty to thirty minutes. Eventually some more reasonable police went to the deer and the lone saboteur and realising that it was beyond saving arranged for the poor animal to shot.


The four arrested saboteurs were taken away to spend many hours in the cells and the rest of the sabs continued to stick with the hunt until the end to prevent further loss of life.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, Stated: “Chasing and savaging a deer is in contravention of the hunting Act and we would expect to see Surrey Police prosecuting the Surrey Union Hunt. Quite the opposite happened on Saturday however when the police were happy to act as private security for these law breakers and even arrested the saboteurs who were trying to prevent this poor animal from suffering further. Time and again we have said there should be a recklessness clause added to the Hunting Act and this is further evidence that it is needed. These illegal hunts deliberately put their hounds into areas they are likely to chase and kill wildlife and they should face prosecution as a result. Such behaviour by the hunts and the police only makes us more determined in our fight to protect wildlife.”