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Boxing day is the biggest day in the Fox Hunting Calendar. It's a massive propaganda event run by the Countryside Alliance to portray “trail hunting” - a harmless, legal activity supported by millions of ordinary country folk. They troll out endless pictures of happy children on horseback and contented hounds licking youngsters faces that are lapped up by the right wing media.

Fox Killed by Thurlow Hunt

The reality is somewhat different. There have so far been three confirmed kills by the Thurlow Hunt in Suffolk, the Cheshire Forest Hunt and the East Kent Hunt who met at Elham and killed at Etching Hill. All three kills were witnessed and have been reported to the police and the Thurlow huntsman has been arrested by Suffolk Police.

Arrest at Tradegar

Elsewhere supporters of the Grove and Rufford Hunt in Nottinghamshire threw rocks at a vehicle belonging to Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs smashing a window and causing damage to the bodywork

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest.  Credit Cheshire Against the Cull.

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest. Credit Cheshire Against the Cull.

In Tredegar, South Wales, a supporter of the Tredegar farmers hunt was arrested for assault after clashing with protestors and hounds have run amok on the A55 in North Wales causing traffic chaos. Witnesses claim a fox was killed by a car whilst trying to escape the hounds who are believed to belong to the Eryri Hunt.

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest. Credit Cheshire Against the Cull2

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest. Credit Cheshire Against the Cull.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “If this is what hunts are happy to do when the eyes of the world are on them imagine how they behave the rest of the year.  Most hunts act as if the hunting Act doesn't exist and they flout the ban with impunity. Trail hunting is a myth created by the Countryside Alliance to allow fox hunting to continue unchecked. Hunted animals will never be safe while packs of trained dogs are allowed to rampage across the countryside. The only way the Hunting Act can be enforced is if the hunts are forced to disband.”

Smashed window

It is with great sadness that the HSA Seal Guardian Campaign 2015 reports the loss of its first seal.


The Scottish Wild Salmon Company aka Usan Fisheries shot this female adult grey seal. It was not a clean shot. The bullet entered the lower cheek/neck area, and passed straight through her. She would have suffered enormously, before finally drowning. This has been reported to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme (SMASS), SPCA and police, and we are waiting to be told if SMASS are going to come to collect her in order to do an autopsy. In the meantime, this poor girl has been washing in and out of Corbie Knowe beach, Lunan Bay, for a week. David Pullar, one of the Directors of the company, arrived at the site on Sunday 19th July. When asked if he was there to collect the body, he said yes. But he did not want to be filmed dealing with the body (trying to avoid any grizzley, bad-for-their-image footage being taken), s o after ten minutes of sitting in his pick up truck, he drove off. The poor seal remains on the beach.


We have been in Montrose since April. This is the first seal we have lost on this campaign. She will not go un-avenged. We will remain until the close of the salmon netting season, in mid-September, and continue to do as much as we can to prevent the seals of the Angus coast being illegally shot by sea bumpkin scum.


The greedy fishing company, who currently have 14 coastal salmon nets and 100 lobster pots suck along a ten mile stretch of coast say they are only trying to protect their profits... The Pullars of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company are multi-millionaires, by the way. Maybe it's something to do with all the illegal over-fishing that they have recently pleaded guilty to in court? Don't see any other millionaire fishing companies around here that have been caught repeatedly fishing out of hours...


The rotund gunman in the full bally is Alan Third, sometime employee of the Scottish Wild Salmon Company, who also operates as a Health and Safety expert.

Alan Third



Today over fifty sabs attended the Severn Vale Hare hunting festival, originally thought to be a single day event but thanks to Kay Thompson, hunt photographer, who posted about her attendance on her Twitter feed (doh), we realised it is a six day event.


Sabs turned up to realise that this sport, so vaunted by the Countryside Alliance, as growing from strength to strength could only muster less than twenty people. There were over fifty sabs so they were outnumbered two to one. The hunt present was the Wilts and Infantry, and being of a military mind-set like nothing better than to stand firm in the face of adversity and calling on the Churchill/Dunkirk spirit they girded their loins, jumped in their cars and ran away.


Sabs followed and one female hunter tried to block the highway and was politely shuffled off to the side so our vehicles could follow. There then followed a lot of driving around until the hunt went to ground in a Police divisional HQ to hand themselves in (we think). By then we had diverted most of the sabs to the Vale of White Horse Fox hunt to ruin the end of their day.


Now we know we are in for five more days of hunting we have much organizing to do but will be able to keep our numbers up, the call is out and more sabs will be driving down tonight.  We are confident that this week’s festival is effectively over.


More tomorrow if the hunters dare to show their faces.