HSA news release 24th December 2009

Boxing Day - the public face of fox hunting

Fat inbred redcoated hunters

Every year, on Boxing Day, the Countryside Alliance proudly trumpet record attendance figures at the “traditional” foxhunt meets, claiming that this proves hunting is more popular than ever and that the Hunting Act should obviously be repealed.  Many interested but ambiguous members of the public will attend and the national media, with nothing else to report in this slow news period, will happily inform the nation.  The Countryside Alliance will have successfully continued their PR tradition and will be happy with a job well done.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association doesn’t care about Boxing Day, a day more about pomp and ceremony than serious hunting, when many of the hunts are on their best behaviour due to media attention.  We care about the hundreds of hunting days that take place each year when there is no press, police or public focus on the hunts and they are free to illegally pursue and murder British wildlife.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the HSA said:  “Every year the Countryside Alliance claim a record number of attendees at Boxing Day hunts and use this as justification for repealing the Hunting Act.  We are not interested in such PR stunts, preferring to focus our efforts on directly intervening between the hunters and their quarry throughout the season, when hunts up and down the country flout the Hunting Act with impunity.  We call upon the politicians, the police and the press not to be hoodwinked by the pro-hunt PR machine and tighten up and enforce the Hunting Act so that becomes effective legislation that genuinely protects British wildlife”

The Hunt Saboteurs Association is a non-violent direct action organisation which has been dedicated to getting between the hunters and their quarry for over 40 years, and we know better than anyone what illegal hunting looks like – it just seems that no-one else seems to care.

Members of the press are welcome to join a hunt saboteur group whenever they wish to see the true face of British hunting.

All press enquiries please call:  07774 279133