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HSA news release 25th February 2004

Blanket arrest of saboteurs at Derbyshire hunt condemned

Hunt boasts of involvement with the local police force ring true

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has condemned the blanket arrest of 19 hunt saboteurs at the Barlow Foxhounds on Saturday (21 February). Nathan Brown, HSA spokesperson, said "They were released without charge after being arrested without reason."

Saboteurs had attended the hunt at Cutthorte near Chesterfield to use peaceful means such as hunting horns and sprays to stop the hunt killing foxes. The hunt reacted by chasing the saboteurs, riding them down with their horses, stealing a camera and one hunt member wearing a redcoat attacked them.

Police arrested all of the saboteurs.

HSA news release 13th March 2004


Jamie Hawksfield, West Sussex County Chairman of the Countryside Alliance was arrested today (Tuesday 13th April 2004) at Crawley Police Station, W. Sussex.

Whilst at the police station, he was shown video of him threatening and assaulting hunt sab, Jaine Wild. The incident occured on 27/02/04 at a meeting of the Crawley and Horsham hunt near Shipley, W. Sussex. Hawksfield had struck Jaine with his whip, causing a hand injury. He had also shouted: "There's no one to protect you now!" During the assault a senior member of the hunt raced over 50 metres on his horse to try and block the cameraman's view of the assault.

This is a typical action of this "gangster hunt" which is considered by the Hunt Saboteur's Association to be one of the most violent hunts in the country and is referred to as such in numerous articles, pictures and news releases elsewhere on this site.

HSA news release 11th May 2004

Hunt Saboteur wins £5,500 pay out from Wiltshire Police

Payout follows wrongful arrest at pheasant shoot

A hunt saboteur today agreed to accept a settlement of £5,500 from Wiltshire Constabulary in respect of a claim for wrongful arrest and subsequent false imprisonment dating from October 2001.

The arrest took place at Ham, near Hungerford, and the saboteur was one of a group of 11 protestors who located a pheasant shoot and used non-violent direct action to prevent further shooting*. The remaining 10 protestors are currently in consultation with the solicitors, Irwin Mitchell of Sheffield, with respect to other possible claims. The settlement was reached on the day the case was due to be heard at Swindon County Court.

HSA news release July 12th 2004

Gamekeepers and police assault hunt saboteurs at home of Tory Peer.

Hunt saboteurs in East Anglia today spoke of their ordeal when they were repeatedly attacked by a gang of gamekeepers supporting a minkhunt, thought to be either the Eastern Counties Mink Hounds or the Norfolk Mink Hounds. The incidents, which happened on Saturday (10 July), took place whilst the protestors were using non violent direct action to prevent the hunt from killing mink on the Ditchingham Hall estate near Bungay on the Suffolk/Norfolk border.

Up to 20 gamekeepers repeatedly tried to start fights and one female saboteur received a broken nose and whiplash injuries as a result of an attack. The police initially took no interest and were even seen driving some of the gamekeepers around. Following remonstrations from the saboteurs, a hunt supporter was eventually arrested. However, enquiries to the police for a crime reference number have proved fruitless.

HSA News Release 15th November 2009



On Saturday 14th November, members of Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the opening meet of the Rockwood Harriers Hunt, just South of Emley, Huddersfield.

Most of the group were following the hunt to ensure they weren’t illegally hunting.  The driver and a passenger were in the group's van which was parked by the side of the road.  Suddenly four 4x4 vehicles drove at speed toward the van.  They parked in such a way that the van couldn’t move and two men wearing masks and carrying hammers ran toward the van.  They smashed the windscreen and both rear windows and slashed one of the tyres before returning to their vehicles and racing away.  Other members of the group, in another vehicle, soon arrived at the scene to find the two occupants of the vehicles shaken up and upset by what had happened.  They were just about to call the police when they arrived on the scene.  The police had been called by the hunt complaining that anti-hunt protestors were in the area.