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HSA News Release 30th October 2009

They're still hunting..that's why we're still sabbing

Over 40,000 hunters pledged to break the ban on hunting.  Almost 5 years after the ban it’s no surprise that hunts continue to openly flout the law of the land.

On November the 1st 2003 over 40,000 pro hunters arrogantly signed the Hunting Declaration, vowing to break any law passed to ban hunting.  6 years later as the official hunting season begins again, it is no surprise to see the law being openly flouted by hunts the length of the country, and the police continuing to refuse to properly enforce the ban.

1st November is traditionally the start of the hunting season proper, although hunts have been out terrorising foxes, hare and deer for several months now, engaging in “cubbing” – or “autumn hunting” as the hunts like to refer to the early morning or late afternoon hunting used to train new hounds.

Hunt saboteurs and monitors on the ground continue to see hunts openly breaking the law and reacting violently towards those who try and gather evidence against them. The Police and criminal justice bodies should be ensuring that those breaking the law are being brought to book, but do not appear to be interested. 

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:  “Hunters promised they were going to break the hunting ban so it should come as no surprise to the police and politicians that it is being so openly ignored.
It’s business as usual in the countryside.  The hunts continue to illegally pursue and kill wildlife and act violently toward those who try and stop them.  In election year, with the Tories promising to repeal the Hunting act, we feel it is important for the British public to know what type of people these are - willing to illegally harm wildlife and people in pursuit of their own pleasure.  Rather than repealing the hunting act, politicians should be listening to the majority of the electorate, tightening up the loopholes in the law and compelling the police to enforce the act.”

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HSA News Release 24th October 2009

Hunt Saboteurs run over by hunt quad bike

Two hunt saboteurs have been run down and injured by a quad bike, driven by a member of the Tedworth hunt, in Wiltshire.  

The hunt saboteurs were parked up in a narrow lane watching the hunt when a quad bike, driven by the hunts terrierman, accelerated towards them.  Despite there not being enough room to pass their landrover and with absolutely no regard for the two people who were standing at the side of the vehicle, the quad drove at them. The driver shouted to "get out the fucking way!". There was no time and nowhere for the hunt sabs to go.  The quad drove at speed knocking down two men and driving over the upper arm of one of them.  The quad sped off.  It was a deliberate act which could have been avoided.  Both men suffered cuts and bruises and one has suspected fractured ribs.

The sabs called 999 and reported the incident to the police.  The hunt - complete with quad - came back past about 10 minutes later. The riders were recklessly riding very close to people.  The quad driver threatened one of the sabs he'd just run over and said "you and me, down a quiet lane - then we'll see....".

Lee Moon, Press Officer for the Hunt Saboteurs Association said:  It’s business as usual in the countryside.  The hunts continue to illegally kill wildlife and act with violence towards anyone who tries to stop them.  In election year, with the Tories promising to repeal the Hunting act, we feel it is important for the British public to know what type of people these are - willing to illegally harm people and wildlife in pursuit of their own pleasure.

For more information please contact Lee Moon on 07774 279 133

HSA News Release 21st August 2009

Derbyshire Police payout over £37,000 to Hunt Saboteurs

11 Hunt saboteurs from Yorkshire and the Midlands have each received over £3,000 after reaching an out-of-court settlement with the Derbyshire Constabulary following their wrongful arrest in January 2008.

The saboteurs were in attendance on the Meynall and South Staffordshire Fox Hunt when they were arrested under anti-trade union legislation after the police deployed the force helicoptor and dog units. They were held unlawfully for 24 hrs and the 11 were on police bail for several months. As part of the settlement DNA and finerprint evidence is in the process of being removed from police databases.

HSA news release August 14th 2004

West Yorkshire Grouse Shoot halted

...But Saboteurs pay by being assaulted

Hunt Saboteurs gathering in West Yorkshire this morning managed to stop a grouse shoot involving over 60 people without a shot being fired and no grouse falling victim to the guns.

The shooting party was discovered by the hunt saboteurs at 9.00am this morning following a tip-off from a local anti-bloodsports supporter. Hunt sabs then followed the shooting party up onto the moor before the shooters were even able to leave their convoy of vehicles.

Unfortunately stewards hired by the shooting syndicate from a company called ‘Countrywatch (UK)’ took it upon themselves to inflict a vicious assault on a small group of protestors isolated on the moor at Snailsden Moor near Holmfirth, W. Yorks.

HSA news release August 25th 2004

£18,500 compensation for hunt saboteur almost killed at cub hunt

CICB award after Criminal Justice system fails victims yet again

A hunt saboteur has been awarded £18,500 in Criminal Injuries compensation 4 years after he was attacked whilst trying to stop a cub hunt. The award was the outcome of an appeal against an earlier decision not to award compensation.

On 1 September 2000, Steve Christmas was at a dawn meet of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt attempting to stop them from killing fox cubs. He was driven over by a hunt supporter at the wheel of a four wheel drive vehicle. Steve almost died. Had he not survived he would have been the third hunt saboteur to die whilst saving animals' lives.