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HSA news release 10th December 2004

Hunt Saboteurs Association dismisses hunters’ claims of defying ban as ‘lost cause’

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) today dismissed claims by the Countryside Alliance that hunts will continue to go out in force after the hunt ban comes into effect. Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the HSA, stated ‘What we see here is the Countryside Alliance attempting to beat their chest in light of the failed prosecution of a huntsman in Scotland. They know full well that the law in Scotland is very different from the Hunting Act in England and Wales, and to try and draw comparisons shows how desperate they are to get press for their lost cause.’

HSA news release 11th December 2004

Revealed – How hunters will try to beat ban

Balaclava thug at fox hunt in Essex

The above picture, taken at a joint meet of the Essex Farmers & Union Hunt with the East Essex last Saturday (4 December 2004) reveals how hunters will try to beat a ban on killing wild animals for fun. The picture shows a hunt supporter mounted on a quad bike wearing a balaclava to conceal his identity.

The masked hunt supporter, Bryn Chittenden, boasted that the police would not be able to identify him. There were numerous assaults on hunt saboteurs throughout the day with several receiving bruising and one female saboteur received a suspected broken nose. Later, the hunt waited for saboteurs to arrive at a farm before a fox was thrown to the hounds in front of them.

HSA news release 11th December 2004

Saboteur's wrist broken in attack at Essex Hunt

A hunt saboteur was taken to Colchester hospital today (11 December 2004) after his wrist was broken in two places in an attack carried out by a terrierman with the Essex Hunt. The 33 year old saboteur from Essex may need to undergo surgery. Meanwhile a hunt supporter was arrested at the High Peak Harriers in Derbyshire.

Saboteurs had attended the Essex Hunt meet at Tile House Farm, Thaxted to use hunting horns and scent dulling sprays to prevent the hunt from killing foxes. At the start of the day, the huntsmen said to some of the saboteurs "You're going to get f***ing hurt today". Threats of violence continued and saboteurs were deliberately ridden into by hunters on horses.

HSA news release 19th December 2004

Hunt violence increases further as ban looms - Attacks in Dorset and Essex

Violence against hunt saboteurs is escalating as foxhunters try to prevent disruption of their last 2 months of hunting. A hunt saboteur was ridden down by a rider with the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt at Broxted near Great Dunmow, Essex yesterday (18 December 2004). Supporters of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt at Long Bourton near Sherborne, Dorset threw punches at saboteurs and tried to drag them from their vehicle.

At the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, the saboteur was ridden over and the rider then backed the horse over her. The police took no action. Later, at nearby Tilty the hunt dug out a fox from an earth where it had sought refuge, and shot it in front of saboteurs and police. Two saboteurs were arrested at this point.

HSA news release 23rd December 2004

Hunt Saboteurs respond to Hunting Act injunction claim

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has responded to reported claims that the government will not oppose an injunction from the Countryside Alliance to delay the Hunting Act's implementation, if the Alliance's proposed High Court case to challenge its passing into law fails.