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HSA news release 8th January 2005

Women attacked with fence post by fox hunt supporter in Sussex

Injured saboteurs being treated in ambulance

Four women protesting against the Crawley and Horsham Hunt today (8 January) near Thakeham in West Sussex have been seriously injured after a hunt supporter first threw a bucket of liquid through their vehicle window and then attacked them with a wooden pole.

15 hunt saboteurs in total had attended the hunt to save foxes using hunting horns and harmless scent dulling sprays. The back window of one of their cars was smashed in and 4 women were seriously injured by a hunt supporter with a wooden pole. All the saboteurs present were threatened. One of the saboteurs is thought to have received a broken arm, another has a suspected broken elbow.

HSA news release 15th January 2005

Cotswold Vale Hunt win most violent hunt of the week award

huntsman threatening sab driver

Hunt saboteurs have told how, on Saturday (15 January), they were repeatedly attacked at the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt near Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire.

Towards the end of the day the saboteurs had used hunting horn and voice calls to call the pack of hounds away from a fox they were chasing. Members of the hunt repeatedly attempted to ride down the saboteurs.

One saboteur told how he was pinned against the wall by the huntsman and another mounted follower and threatened with a "serious kicking".

HSA news release 19th January 2005

Surrey Police allow illegal digging of badger sett to take place

Sabs occupy holes to stop terriermen digging badger sett


Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) drop Aggravated Trespass charges against hunt saboteurs - but only after expert evidence reveals a badger sett was dug into with the full support of Surrey Police.

On the 14th Feb 2004 at the Hampton Estate, Cut Mill, Nr Shackleford, terriermen of the Surrey Union hunt dug out and killed a fox which had sought refuge from the hounds in what appeared to protestors to be a badger sett. Prior to this six anti hunt protesters had been arrested for trying to protect the badger sett and stop the hunt from digging out the fox.

Urgent calls were made to Surrey Badger Group as the protesters thought the hunt were digging into a badger sett. Complaints to the police that the hunt were illegally digging a badger sett were met with the response: "They are allowed to do that and we will call up every available police officer in Surrey to stop you interfering" from one of the senior police officers at the scene.

HSA news release 22nd January 2005

Woman injured as ridden down by huntsman in Norfolk as saboteurs attacked

A woman in her 60s, protesting against the killing of hares, was injured when she was ridden down by a huntsman in Norfolk today (22 January 2005).

The woman was one of a group of hunt saboteurs at Quidenham, Norfolk where the Dunston Harriers had met to chase and kill hares. She was ridden down by Michael Karyan, huntsman of the pack of hounds. Police were present when it happened. An air and land ambulance were called at around 2pm. The protestor recieved head injuries, concussions and whiplash. She received treatment from paramedics but did not attend hospital. The huntsman's details were taken but he was not arrested.

HSA news release 20th January 2005

Terriermen stopped from digging out foxes at royal hunt - What the royals don't see when they hunt with the Duke of Beaufort.

Two terriermen dig into the fox earth as hunt saboteurs arrive The terrier, held by terrierman's assistant, about to be introduced to the fox's refuge

The attached pictures (20 January 2005 near Compton Bassett in Wiltshire) show terriermen with the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt attempting to dig a fox out of its earth as part of a day's "sport" for the hunt - among whose regulars are Camilla Parker Bowles, Lord Mancroft and Prince Charles.

Away from the riders of the exclusive "blue and buff" hunt (as the Beaufort is known in hunting circles) and away from the prying eyes of the public, the grim reality of hunting involves a terrier locked in mortal combat with a fox that has taken refuge below ground. The terriermen dig down to where the fight is taking place, separate the terrier from the fox and shoot the fox. Both terrier and fox can experience serious injuries and it has been known for terriermen to torment the fox with spades and gaffs before delivering death by a bullet.