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HSA news release 17th February 2005

First hunter to appear in court after hunting ban

The first hunter to appear in court after the ban on hunting takes effect will appear at Chesterfield Magistrates Court on Monday 21st February.

Andrew Cass, Ex-Joint Master of the High Peak Hunt, based near Buxton, Derbyshire, will appear to enter a plea to the charge that he assaulted a female hunt saboteur at a meet of the hunt in November 2004.

An ambulance was called to treat a head injury at the scene, and the saboteur required 5 stiches to the wound. Police were also in attendance and Cass was arrested at the scene. It is believed that the hunt have since asked for Andrew Cass's resignation as a recognised staff member of the hunt, and that he tendered his resignation as requested.

HSA news release 18th February 2005

Current Chiddingfold huntsman, Adrian Thompson, pictured before a previous attack on hunt saboteurs One of the men involved in today's attack pictured during a previous attack on hunt saboteurs


An ITN cameraman had to run for his life to escape with footage of an appalling attack on 8 hunt saboteurs in West Sussex this afternoon (18th February 2005).

On the last day of legal hunting with hounds, a gang of up to 50 Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray hunt supporters and riders attacked the 8 brave saboteurs who had been trying to stop the hunt killing foxes near Petworth Park, Petworth, West Sussex.

Today was their last chance to legally chase and kill foxes before the hunting ban becomes law at midnight tonight.

HSA news release 19th February 2005

Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter vehicle moving to ram back of sab van Crawley and Horsham hunt supporter vehicle moving to ram back of sab van

The Crawley and Horsham foxhunt were killing foxes 'as normal' today, just 36 hours after the hunting ban came into force.

Witnesses saw the hunt encouraging hounds in woods near Shipley, West Sussex and the hounds going into cry (hunting a scent). This comes after the intelligence was received by campaigners that hunt supporters were last night saying 'don't worry, we will be hunting as normal'.

Witnesses also saw a fox being thrown to the pack of hounds and it is thought there were several other fox carcasses in boxes on the terrierman's vehicle. Quite why a legal foxhunt still has terriermen acting for them is something we think the police should be looking into.

HSA news release 19th February 2005

Yesterday, 10 members of the East Kent Hunt saboteurs attended the first meet of the East Kent Hunt, after the hunting ban came into force. Their reasons for being there, were to gather evidence of any illegal hunting, and to take non violent direct action, if hounds were put onto a fox. The meet was at Crundale house, near Wye, were two weeks previously, saboteurs were attacked by around 30 hunt supporters, leaving many injured, and one saboteur needing 16 stitches to a head wound. This incident (footage of which was broadcast on local BBC news), is being investigated by local police.

Fearing more violence, the saboteurs were accompanied by a BBC reporter and camera man. Trouble flared in the afternoon, when a member of the hunt blocked the saboteurs vehicle with his own, on a public highway, then attacked the BBC cameraman, and had to be restrained by saboteurs.

HSA news release 5th March 2005

A member of the Essex Farmers and Union hunt was arrested today (5 March 2005) after a hunt saboteur was struck on the head with a riding crop. The victim, a 29 year old woman, was not treated at the scene, but will be attending a doctor's surgery on Monday.

The Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, which has a reputation for violence against anti-hunt protestors, had met at the Star public house in Steeple near Maldon, Essex.

The hunt attempted to use a loophole in the Hunting Act which allows two hounds to be used to flush foxes out to waiting guns. The saboteurs at the scene made noises by the waiting to guns to scare foxes back from that direction so they would not be shot by the waiting hunters. This tactic proved succesful three times at which point the hunters set about attacking the saboteurs.