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HSA news release 30th October 2005

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) stated today that they were ready for what would traditionally be the start of a new fox-hunting season on November 1st. Despite media reports to the contrary, hunt saboteurs, who have over 40 years experience of sabotaging hunting activities, firmly believe that the Hunting Act is a workable piece of legislation, and that the end of hunting as we know it is well on the way. The main change this season for saboteurs sees the replacement of essential kit such as a hunting horn with the new sabotage tools of video camera and mobile phone - pre-programmed with the local Constabulary’s number!

HSA news release 19th November 2005

A supporter of the Suffolk Hunt was today (19 Nov) arrested after allegedly headbutting an anti-hunt activist. Activists had attended the hunt meet at Saxham Hall near Bury St. Edmunds to monitor its activities. The hunt had an owl present - an attempt to exploit a loophole in the Hunting Act. However, the hunt allegedly broke the Act when hounds chased after a fox.

The landowner is alleged to have assaulted 2 female protestors and stolen a video camera - being used to document breaches of the law - which he then threw in a ditch. Shortly afterwards another man carried out the alleged assault which was witnessed by a police officer, who carried out the arrest.

HSA news release 21st November 2005

The kennel huntsman of the Avonvale Fox Hounds has been arrested following an incident where hunt monitors were attacked and robbed of their video equipment.

The incident occurred when 4 hunt monitors were present at a meet of the Avon Vale fox hunt at Rowde Hill Farm, Bromham, Wiltshire on Saturday 8th October 2005.

The hunt monitors were filming the huntsman putting hounds through a patch of scrub near Craymarsh Farm, when a group of hunt supporters approached the monitors and attacked them. 1 male monitor was ridden down by a quad bike and another female monitor was attacked and struck on the neck by the mounted kennel huntsman. He then grabbed her video camera and rode off with it.

HSA news release 26th November 2005

Hunt monitors call for Cheshire Forest Hunt to control supporters after monitor is attacked and video camera smashed

A hunt supporter was today being sought by police in relation to an allegation of Criminal Damage after a hunt saboteur was attacked and had his video camera smashed as he monitor attempted to film the hunt. The incident occurred as the Cheshire Forest Hunt met at Peover Hall, Over Peover (near Knutsford) which also serves as the hunt kennels. Hunt saboteurs were present to monitor the hunt and film any incidences of illegal hunting, as they believe the hunt have been attempting to use the cover of a bird of prey to mask attempts to continue hunting in defiance of the hunt ban. The incident comes just 4 days after the kennel huntsman of the Avon Vale Foxhounds was arrested for attacking a hunt monitor and taking their camera.

HSA news release 19th December 2005

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) today stated that it welcomed the first Boxing Day ‘hunts’of the post-ban era, and re-affirmed their belief that that the Hunting Act is a robust piece of legislation that CAN and WILL long as police forces pull their fingers out and enforce it! Boxing Day is traditionally a big day in the hunting calendar, and as ever hunt saboteurs will be out with their local hunts to monitor ‘hunting’ activity and make sure that no illegal hunting takes place.