Kimblewick On National News deliberately chasing and killing a fox

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The Kimblewick, the self-styled super hunt held up by the Countryside Alliance as an example of best practice, have once again made national media for flouting the Hunting Act.

The latest footage, filmed earlier in December, shows the Kimblewick hounds chasing a fox through an industrial estate, encouraged on by the huntsman. The footage, filmed on multiple cameras, goes on for approximately three minutes and after the kill the huntsman can be seen feeding the dead fox to the hounds.

The hunt hit the press in January last year when the Hunt Saboteurs Association released footage of their terriermen flushing a fox from an artificial earth to be chased by the hunts hounds. Mark Vincent and Ian Parkinson, both employees of the hunt, were found guilty of animal welfare offences and sentenced to 12 week prison sentences, suspended for one year. They lodged an appeal but abandoned it when they realised they had no chance of success.

Polly Portwin, head of hunting at the Countryside Alliance, is a member of the hunt and they were featured in a recent Countryside Alliance promotional video about how to carry out trail hunting. The Countryside Alliance promote the Kimblewick’s “trail” hunting here. In 2018 they killed 97 of their hounds when they contracted TB.  

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Fox hunting is under greater scrutiny then ever before. The recently leaked webinars exposed a nationwide conspiracy to create a smokescreen to hide illegal hunting and the devastating covid pandemic has led to most of the right thinking populace questioning why hunts are allowed out at all. In such times you would expect those hunts that are out would be on their best behaviour. But no! In this footage the Kimblewick, the hunting community’s flagship hunt, can be seen blatantly engaged in the illegal chase and kill of a fox. It becomes more and more apparent that hunts cannot self regulate and the only answer is the complete dissolution of all packs of hounds.

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