Local hunt kills hare at meet near Brindle

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release December 23rd 2013

In the run-up to hunting’s big traditional Boxing Day show piece, anti hunt protesters from Manchester and Liverpool witnessed first hand the reality of post ban hunting at a meet of the Holcombe Harriers this Saturday 21st December. The hunt, who traditionally mostly hunt hares, met at Brindle at noon, just off the junction of the M61 and M65. The hunt saboteurs followed closely for two hours both on foot and from the road. At around 2pm hounds from the pack got on to the scent of a hare, chased and killed it. The protesters, whilst close to the kill, were too far away to have time to intervene to save the poor animal.

The traditional hunt apologist line that hunted animals are killed swiftly by a quick nip to the neck was, as always, proved a complete lie as the hare was seized by two hounds and torn open. Footage and images from the day were taken and the crime reported to Lancashire Police.

The hunt last year was involved in controversy when at their Boxing Day meet at Rivington, a horse knocked down a 64 year old woman and trod on her head just before they were due to set off.


A spokesperson for the Manchester protesters said: ‘We see again and again while out following hunts that they regularly ignore the law. Here the Holcombe Harriers were making a feeble attempt to stay within the law by hunting a nominal trail. The reality is the complete lack of control the huntsman exerts over his pack makes this redundant. We will continue to follow this hunt and others, filming their illegal activities and, when necessary, intervening to save the hunted animal. We urge Lancashire Police to take a long hard look at what happened on Saturday and at the activities of this hunt generally. If the hunt cannot or will not properly follow a trail, maybe it’s time they disbanded completely.’
Any further inquiries, contact Manchester Hunt Sabs at nwhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk.
Photographs attached are of the killed hare and joint-master of the hunt Martin Kirby

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