Local Hunt Terrorises Landowners

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Hunt saboteurs association Press Release November 20th 2012

Volunteers for a fox rescue project are being harrassed and terrorised by their local hunt, believed to be the East Sussex and Romney Marsh.

On Saturday 17th of November they were walking their 15 year old blind dog on their land in Trolliloes, East sussex, when they saw a pack of hounds chasing a young fawn. The fawn was inches from the hounds jaws and was swerving desperately to keep away from them. The hounds briefly had the deer on the ground but luckily it managed to get back up and fled across the property’s boundary. During the chase the hounds knocked over the old dog and it fled in distress.

When members of the hunt arrived on the scene they were abusive to the landowners and tried to run them down with horses and vehicles. The police were called but claimed they were too busy to attend the incident.

This is the latest in a series of incidents including dead animals left on their property, repeated trespass and threats of arson. The landowners have had it made clear to them that their ongoing work with animal charities and rehabilitation of wildlife has made them a target for the hunt.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs association, stated: “ For the hunt to so blatantly target land that is purposely kept for animals to take sanctuary, and for the landowners to be treated in this way, is indicative of the mindset of these people. They have no respect or regard for anyone but themselves”


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