Majority of Minkhunts Sabotaged

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More than half the minkhunts in Britain have been sabotaged so far this summer. Saturday 9th August saw hunt saboteurs disrupt a joint meet of the 3 Counties and Teme Valley Minkhounds at their meet in Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire. This took the number of packs sabotaged this summer to eleven, over 50% of the estimated total number of these elusive hunts in the Uk. Illegal mink hunting is such a secretive pastime that there are no definite figures for how many of these hunts are still in existence. Despite their attempts to stay under the radar they aren’t escaping our attentions any longer.

After lots of research and information received from many different sources we have, this summer, been able to severely hinder these bloodthirsty groups who destroy the fragile riverbanks in their indiscriminate pursuit of mink, otter, water voles and rats. They have refused to leave their meets, or packed up immediately, upon sabs arrival. Sure sign that they’re hunting illegally. The police have responded against sabs with heavy force, despite no crimes being committed, costing taxpayers a fortune to protect an ILLEGAL activity.


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Mink hunting is one of the most secretive forms of illegal hunting that takes place. It occurs during the summer, away from the traditional hunting season, and only the most trusted of the blood thirsty hunting community are invited to attend. We are in no doubt that this summers campaign against them will have severely curtailed their illegal slaughter of wildlife and we are pleased that that the mink hunting season will now become a regular target for hunt saboteurs”

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