Masked up Hunt Supporters Attack Vehicle

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Hunt Saboteurs association News Release 6th March 2016



Masked up supporters of the Ross Harriers hunt attacked a vehicle belonging to hunt saboteurs yesterday, smashing the rear window and showering the passengers in glass. The police are investigating and have retrieved the weapon used in the attack.

The hunt had met at the Red Lion pub in Peterstow and were being monitored by members of South Wales Hunt Saboteurs as well as other local groups. The hunt had been illegally hunting foxes throughout the day but their attempts to kill had been thwarted. As the day drew to a close increasingly angry support took their frustration out on the sabs. Two masked up men left the main body of hunt supporters and ran up behind the sab landrover and used a metal bar to smash the rear window. They then fled the scene in a vehicle. The police were immediately called and are investigating the incident.

smashed window

Lee Moon, press spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The timing of this attack is ironic as the Countryside Alliance are once again bleating on about hunt saboteurs wearing masks. Time and again we see that the only masked up thugs in the countryside are those following the hunts. There is hard evidence in this case of a violent, unprovoked attack and we look forward to a swift resolution to the police investigation. Hunters head out with the intention of illegally chasing and killing wildlife and when their efforts are thwarted they take their frustrations out on those that have stopped them. Violence against sabs has been going on for decades but as the hunts now it doesn’t deter us, rather it makes us more determined to get out there and stop them killing.”

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