Mink Hunt Sabbing Season is Go!

Sabs have launched their summer season in style with a rout of the Dove Valley Mink Hounds. Sabs from Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Manchester and Calder Valley converged on the hunt meet at the Carington Arms, Ashby Folville, Leicestershire and stopped the hunt before it had even started. A tip off from a pro hunt local gave the hunt enough time to quickly box up their hounds and attempt to high tail it from the area before we arrived. Sadly for them they drove straight into sabs and some skilful driving meant we were quickly in pursuit. Thugs from local foxhound packs tried to block the road but they were no match for our sab drivers and we stuck on the tail of the hound van.

Thus ensued the customary convoy of shame as six sab vehicles followed the hound van across Leicestershire and back to their kennels. What happened next was truly farcical as armed officers from the ever biased Leicestershire police swooped on the parked up sab vehicles. Eight vehicles of police cuffed and searched sabs claiming that they had shotguns. Some sabs were held for over an hour before the police realised they’d been duped by lying hunters.

Mink hunting is one of the most secretive areas of hunting and takes place across the country throughout the summer months. Roughly 17 packs of hounds hunt watercourses in search of mink as well as otter, which have been protected since 1981. Mink, like other forms of hunting with hounds, was made illegal in 2005 but this hasn’t stopped those desperate to get their summer killing fix.

Yesterday was the first of many such actions that sabs across the country will be taking over the summer. If you see anything suspicious that you think might be a mink hunt please contact our tip off line on – 07443 148426

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