Hunts Come Out of the Closet…

Despite the fact that the hunting season started with Cubhunting at the start of August, hunts are only now starting to admit outsiders to their world of ‘sport’.

While the police, politicians and media looked the other way over the last 3 months, about half the foxes hunts will kill this season will have been slaughtered in secluded woods, valleys and dense maize fields.

As Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association states before the start of the ‘official’ hunting season:  “We have learned a hard lesson that the politicians and police are not interested in protecting British Wildlife.

“It is up to ordinary people, and groups such as the Hunt saboteurs, to get out in the countryside and directly intervene to save the innocent creatures who are killed in the name of sport”.

On a positive note, you can help stop them killing wildlife, but you’ve got to get out and about to do it. Don’t rely on someone else to be getting up and out at 4am – join your local group by mailing the Contact Officer and get active.

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