Nigel Farage attends Boxing day meet of violent huntsman – again

Nigel Farage Boxing Day 2014

Members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association from the South East attended the boxing day meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent fox hunt who met at Chiddingstone Castle, Kent. The huntsman, Mark Bycroft, has two convictions for assault on hunt saboteurs as well as stating pre-ban that he would still hunt foxes despite any law. He was pictured last year shaking hands with Nigel Farage which made national news alongside video of Bycroft’s most recent criminal assault.


It seems Nigel Farage has no concern about being seen with violent criminals, nor those who are happy to slaughter our wildlife, as he was once again in attendance this Boxing day.


During the day a female hunt saboteur was pulled out of her vehicle by a hunt supporter by her hair, two others were kicked by horses and there were numerous incidents of blocking of the highway by the hunt and its supporters. Kent police looked on impassively as this law breaking went on.


Lee Moon of the Hunt Saboteurs Association said; “Once again Nigel Farage believes his working man image by supporting an activity which 80% of the population agree should be stopped, and compounds this by attending a hunt known for its violence against saboteurs. We can only hope that the general public assign both hunting and Mr. Farage to the history books next May.”


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