No Defence: Hunt Kills Fox On MOD Land

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Yesterday – Christmas Eve – the Royal Artillery Hunt hunted and killed a fox on Ministry of Defence land in Wiltshire. Sabs arrived on the scene to find the huntsman off his horse and in amongst the hounds. On seeing sabs, the cowardly huntsman rode off leaving the torn but still warm body of his victim behind.

This fox died because the Ministry of Defence is one of a few major landowners still issuing licences for so-called trail hunts on their land. Earlier this month the MOD issued a laughable statement claiming that “any organisation wishing to hunt on MOD land must be an organisation with a recognised governing body”. The governing body for the Royal Artillery Hunt is, of course, the Masters of Foxhounds Association whose Director – Mark Hankinson – was recently found guilty of encouraging its members to break the Hunting Act. There is no defence for the Ministry of Defence.

A HSA spokesperson commented,

“This disgusting incident shows there’s no season of peace and goodwill for our wildlife. It comes just a day after the HSA exposed the East Essex Hunt’s terrier man torturing a fox with a pitchfork and, on Monday, hunts will gather for Boxing Day meets with the intention of killing our foxes, hares, and deer in similarly brutal fashion. Thankfully, Hunt Saboteurs will also be out in force, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect our precious wildlife.”

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