Notorious Warwickshire Hunt Brazenly Kill Fox

Hunt rider Ben Field takes the fox's body away in an attempt to hide evidence.

Yesterday, the Warwickshire Hunt deliberately hunted and killed a fox during a ‘cubbing’ meet near Idlicote, Warks.

Saboteurs from Three Counties and West Midlands were at the meet doing their best to stop this notorious hunt, but sadly the poor fox was overwhelmed by the hunt’s hounds on the Idlicote House Estate.


Hounds tear into the fox’s body. Image ©: Three Counties Hunt Sabs

Whilst attempting to stop the kill, a member of Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs was thrown to the floor by hunt member Owen Dillon, clearly complicit in the blatant illegal hunting.

Hunt rider Ben Field takes the fox's body away in an attempt to hide evidence.
Hunt rider Ben Field takes the fox’s body away in an attempt to hide evidence. Image ©: Three Counties Hunt Sabs

The Warwickshire Hunt has faced sustained sabotage from West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, as the dedicated group hits every meet of this vile hunt. Sabs have caught huntsman Will Goffe – who has a conviction for illegally hunting foxes – routinely flouting the Hunting Act and chasing foxes across the county.

Just recently, a Community Protection Notice against the hunt was dropped by Warwickshire Police in favour of a secret, non-legally binding ‘protocol’. This shady decision has emboldened the crime gang to more blatantly hunt foxes and cause chaos on the local roads, seemingly with the green light from the police and the pro-hunt Police Crime Commissioner, Philip Seccombe.

A spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association commented:

“The footage of the kill is a hard watch and it must have been extremely difficult for the sabs on the ground who were trying to stop this barbarity to have witnessed it. It seems that the Warwickshire Hunt are hunting and killing foxes with impunity and it is a total disgrace that Warwickshire Police continually fail to act to stop this rural organised crime gang. Until they do, it is down to the hard work of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, along with Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs to take action to directly save Warwickshire’s wildlife.”

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