There’s no-one else, Just Us…

HSA news release 1st November 2010

There’s no-one else, Just Us…

November 1st, official start of the hunting season, the day the pro-hunt brigade confidently predicted they would again be hunting legally after the Lib-Con victory in the general election.  Now is their turn to feel betrayed and let down, as we were by years of the Labour party failing to tighten up and enforce the 2004 Hunting Act.

We know we cannot expect any help from the pro-hunt Conservative Party but at least now we know where we stand.  For years we looked to the politicians and the police for help to stop the hunters.  Now we know we are on our own and the only people who can save the British Wildlife from a cruel and pointless death are the brave individuals who put themselves between the hunters and their quarry.

1st November is traditionally the start of the hunting season proper, although hunts have been out terrorising foxes, hare and deer for several months now – engaging in “cubbing” or “autumn hunting” as the hunts like to refer to the early morning or late afternoon hunting used to train new hounds how to hunt as a pack and kill.

Hunt saboteurs on the ground continue to see hunts openly breaking the law and reacting violently towards those who try and stop them. The Police and criminal justice bodies should be ensuring that those breaking the law are being brought to book, but do not appear to be interested.  

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:  “We have learned a hard lesson that the politicians and police are not interested in protecting British Wildlife.  It is up to ordinary people, and groups such as the Hunt saboteurs, to get out in the countryside and directly intervene to save the innocent creatures who are killed in the name of sport.  Surveys consistently show that the majority of people in this country are opposed to hunting.  It is time to put this into practice and mobilize to stop the cruel minority and their barbaric, out-dated pastime”

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