Old Berkshire Fox Hunt rider pleads guilty to assault by beating

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release. 17th April 2013


On 15th December 2012 members of the Berkshire and North Downs hunt saboteur groups attended a meet of the old Berkshire fox hunt near Ashbury.

During the day one member was attacked by one of the hunts riders. Gemma Margaret Brooking assaulted a hunt saboteur with her riding crop and she was subsequently charged and pleaded guilty to assault by beating.  She was ordered to pay £75 in compensation, fined £100 and £75 in costs.

Lee Moon, press officer of the HSA stated:

“Once more we have an incident of unprovoked hunt violence and a member of a hunt found guilty of criminal activity. This unprovoked attack with a weapon is just one of many incidents which occurred during the last hunting season. The punishment is paltry and we can only hope that any future offences by this hunt are treated in a more serious fashion. Hunt saboteurs will continue to defend our wildlife regardless of the constant violent attacks from the hunting community.  We expect no less from people whose dearest wish is to return to the days when they could kill animals with impunity.

The video of the attack can be viewed here:



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