One Days Violence Outside Parliament, Another 18 Months in the Hunting Fields?

HSA news release 16th Sept 2004

One Days Violence Outside Parliament, Another 18 Months in the Hunting Fields?

The violent scenes from pro-hunt protestors outside Parliament yesterday are just a small sample of the violence that will be inflicted on wildlife in the countryside and members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA). Members of the HSA saving animals’ lives with non-violent direct action have been subjected to constant violent attacks over the last 40 years and 2 hunt saboteurs have died.

Nathan Brown, speaking on behalf of the HSA said “The scenes we saw outside Parliament today are nothing new – typical of the scenes our members are faced with when they protest in the countryside. Maybe now people will believe what we have been saying for the last 40 years. By putting off implementation of a ban for 18 months to appease foxhunters, the government are legitimising continued violence against animals and anyone who speaks out against it. Hunt saboteurs have been beaten with a variety of weapons, suffered arson attacks, their pets being killed, ridden down by horses and driven over by quad bikes and 4×4 vehicles. Two hunt saboteurs went out to save lives but never returned and our greatest fear is that they will not be the last.”

The only saving grace of the delay in the implementation is that deer and hare hunting will face immediate bans after the Parliament Act is used to enact the law. However, it is difficult to understand why fox hunters have been given this reprieve. The cruelty is still the same.

Notes for editors:
– Mike Hill died on 9 February 1991 whilst sabotaging the Cheshire Beagles hare hunt.
– Tom Worby died on 3 April 1993 at the Cambridgeshire Hunt
– Nobody has faced charges for either of their deaths
– Steve Christmas narrowly escaped death with life changing injuries in Sept 2000
– A report “1979-1999 Two Decades of Hunt Violence” details convictions against hunt supporters in that period is available in our library
– A snapshot of violence in the first few months of the 1997 season is available
– Some images of hunt violence can be viewed in our gallery.  More still and video images can be made available

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