One Law for us, none for them!

hunt rider with dead fox

Hunt Monitors from a West Sussex-based fox and badger protection group had to witness a fox being chased and killed.

Dramatic new footage taken yesterday shows how five years after the Hunting Act, hunts have grown in confidence.  Simon Wild, a local hunt monitor said: “This is not the first time the Crawley and Horsham Hunt has killed a fox, but it is the first time we have heard them blow ‘the kill’ (a very long horn blow note that lasts up to 10 seconds).

In the hunt’s panic they tried to give the body to a quad bike rider, who did not realise it was under his vehicle.  He drove off and hunt monitors ran off with the body to get a post-mortem.  The hunt came back mob handed and used force to grab the fox body and take potential evidence away.

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