Owner of H&M bans Hunt from 19,000 acre Estate


Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 14th December 2020

Stefan Perrson, the Billionaire owner of H&M, has banned hunting on his 19,000 acre English estate with immediate effect following an expose by Reading Hunt Saboteurs. The group filmed the Vine and Craven Hunt illegally hunting foxes on Saturday 5th December and posted on their Facebook page that the land where the illegal activity took place was part of the Ramsbury estate, owned by Perrson.

He is the latest large landowner to deny access to hunts following widespread condemnation of the leaked Hunting Office webinars. The National Trust, Forestry England and United Utilities have all suspended licenses whilst a police investigation takes place.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, said – “We’re delighted that Ramsbury estate have stopped any hunting with immediate effect but we’re even more delighted at how quick they were to take this action. 

It shows that land owners are desperate not to become embroiled in the police investigation and public outcry that’s engulfing the hunting community. 

Finally 15 years after the Hunting Act the tide is finally turning and hunts are fighting for their very existence. Well done to Reading Hunt sabs for bringing Ramsbury estate to public attention. We look forward to many other large estates denying access to the hunts.”

Reading Hunt Saboteurs stated – “Due to the recent spotlight cast upon hunting by the ongoing police investigation, we had hoped that hunts would begin to operate within the law. However, when we attended a planned meet by the Vine and Craven hunt on December 5th in Hungerford we yet again witnessed the most brazen illegal attempts to hunt wildlife and this information was passed on to the landowner. Reading Hunt Saboteurs are very pleased with the immediate decision by Ramsbury Estates to ban the Vine and Craven alongside all hunting on their land.

Ever since the hunting ban came into force, anti-hunt campaigners have worked tirelessly to demonstrate that hunts have continued to operate exactly as they did prior to 2004, and for the first time ever it looks like the police and landowners are paying attention. Every acre of hunting territory being lost is a great win for wildlife and we look forward to other landowners following suit.“

Ramsbury Estates Limited said in a statement: “The estate became aware of certain allegations made against the Vine & Craven Hunt last week.
“This was following an outing by the hunt on the Eastern side of the estate near Hungerford.
“These allegations would be in contravention of the 2004 Hunting Act and, if true, would be a very serious matter.
“We have spoken to the hunt, who strenuously deny any wrongdoing.
“If the allegations are proven then the law will naturally take its course.
“In light of this it was decided to stop all hunting for the foreseeable future on all estates land, whether tenanted or not.”

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