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defence animal training regiment

Army Hosting Criminal Quorn Hunt

On Saturday the 17th February, almost exactly 19 years after fox hunting was made illegal, the army will host a meet of the notorious Quorn Hunt at the Defence Animal Training Regiment Headquarters at Remount Barracks, Melton Mowbray. Soldiers will be on duty to facilitate the meet and the entire event will be funded by taxpayers money.

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‘The Kent Hounds’- it fits conveniently on a banner. © West Kent Hunt Sabs

What’s In A Name?

A couple of weeks ago, the HSA reported on the merger of two of the south east’s last remaining fox hunts. The new outfit will be known as the ‘Southdown & Eridge with East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt.’ Not exactly catchy, is it?

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Police pull over hunt thug vehicle

Student Hare Hunters Feel The Long Arm Of The Law

The Royal Agricultural College Beagles are the student hare hunt of the Royal Agricultural University based in Cirencester. They have been feeling the pressure recently, with 7 hunting days lost to sabs so far this season. Frustrated, on Saturday they turned to the age-old hunt tactic of intimidation.

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Hounds tear the fox apart

Fox Ripped To Pieces By Somerset Hunt

The Somerset-based ‘Weston & Banwell with West Somerset Vale Hunt’ deliberately hunted and killed a fox last Wednesday, the 31st January. Sabs from Mendip, Bristol, and Somerset groups were in attendance and saved several other foxes throughout the day.

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The Fifth Man at an earlier Avon Vale hunt meet.

Who Is The Avon Vale Hunt’s ‘Fifth Man’?

Last Thursday, Channel 4 News screened an extended report on illegal fox hunting in the UK. One horrifying sequence – supplied to Channel 4 News by the HSA – shows members of the Wiltshire-based Avon Vale Hunt digging a fox from her underground refuge and throwing her to the hounds.

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terrierman pulls fox out of her refuge

Names Please! – We Need To Find These Fox Killers

Last night, the nation watched in horror at Channel 4 News once again exposed illegal fox hunting across the UK. One of the most distressing sequences – supplied to Channel 4 News by the HSA – shows a terrierman dragging a terrified fox from her refuge and throwing her to the feet of the pack.

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Nothing humane about it ignore the name
These things are lethal and should never have been invented.
Smashing an animals skull and then resetting to do again to the next animal. (Most don’t get killed outright going by reading reviews online)

Why are you doing nothing to stop this blatant exploitation of loopholes @ASPolice ? Clearly not research or observation-it’s arrogant criminals sticking up two fingers to both the spirit & the letter of the law @Matt_Longman_

Quantock Staghounds hunting on @nationaltrust Vinny Combe as usual. Video of quad going up and down looking for tracks of the hunted stag and riders on point kicked off. Shortly afterwards a shot was heard and cheering. Did they kill on National Trust land? With @wlguardian

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