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thugs at the cottesmore hunt

Hunt Violence- The Face Of The Cottesmore In 2024!

This season the campaign to close the Cottesmore Hunt has grown stronger. Every fundraiser has been targeted, a week of action was held during the cubbing season as we sabbed them five times during that week and we have been hitting them more often at their midweek meets.

But with this success comes a price and when dealing with the most notoriously violent fox hunt in Britain over the last five years then there was only going to be one outcome. Hunt Violence.

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Thugs at the BSV

BSV Hunt Thugs Charged With Assault On Sabs

Last September ‘rent a thugs’ appeared at the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, assaulting Sabs from Weymouth Animal Rights (WAR) and stealing equipment. They have now been charged with assault and theft by Dorset Police.

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david lewis

Another Death On Dartmoor

Just a week after two hounds belonging to a Dartmoor hunt were run over and killed on a public highway, another gruesome scene emerged from within Dartmoor National Park on Saturday when the Lamerton Hunt disembowelled a fox in front of Plymouth & West Devon Hunt Sabs.

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The Mystery Of The Missing Terrier Box

It’s a New Year, and hunts are dreaming up new ways to try to hide their illegal activities. When Calder Valley Hunt Sabs rolled up to a meet of North York & West of Yore Hunt near Catterick, North Yorkshire on Saturday it was immediately clear that fox hunting was in progress. The terrier crew were seen on quad bikes, with the classic set-up of a terrier box on the front and a storage locker – containing spades, digging bars, and the other tools of their vile trade – on the back.

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Hunt Supporters Smash Sab Vehicle

Followers of the South Down & Eridge, with East Sussex & Romney Marsh hunt attacked a stranded Hunt Sab vehicle New Years Day. One member of South Coast Hunt Saboteurs was hospitalised, and the vehicle was left with all but one of its windows smashed.

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Nothing humane about it ignore the name
These things are lethal and should never have been invented.
Smashing an animals skull and then resetting to do again to the next animal. (Most don’t get killed outright going by reading reviews online)

Why are you doing nothing to stop this blatant exploitation of loopholes @ASPolice ? Clearly not research or observation-it’s arrogant criminals sticking up two fingers to both the spirit & the letter of the law @Matt_Longman_

Quantock Staghounds hunting on @nationaltrust Vinny Combe as usual. Video of quad going up and down looking for tracks of the hunted stag and riders on point kicked off. Shortly afterwards a shot was heard and cheering. Did they kill on National Trust land? With @wlguardian

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