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The poor fox’s upended feet and belly are visible at she is savaged by the pack.

“Oh My God…I’m So Sorry…There’s Nothing I Can Do!”

These are the desperate cries of a Powys resident as they filmed hunt hounds tearing a fox to pieces in their neighbour’s garden.

Two days after the HSA released video of the Avon Vale Hunt throwing a live fox to hounds, we have been given permission to share horrifying footage of a hunt in Powys on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd November.

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The mask slips: Kieron Fookes unmasked. Image: North Dorset Hunt Sabs

Fox Hunters: They Couldn’t Give Two Fookes!

News coming in is that one of the two males arrested following the assault and robbery of hunt sabs is none other than Kieron Fookes, twin brother of recently convicted wildlife criminal Aaron Fookes, the former whipper-in of the Avon Vale Hunt.

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Hunters laugh as the fox is torn to pieces.

Hunting Horror Behind The Boxing Day Charade

As hunts across the country prepare to gather for their Boxing Day meets, the HSA has been passed horrifying footage of so-called ‘trail hunters’ digging a fox from its underground refuge and throwing it – alive – to a pack of hounds.

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An earlier fox-killing involving the Avon Vale.

Urgent Appeal For Information!

Following the recent conviction and plea hearings of a number of huntsman and hunt terriermen, the HSA is making a further appeal for sight of several sick videos hunting videos referenced in court.

In particular, we are interested in a video that shows former Avon Vale Hunt master Stuart Radbourne and his fox-baiting mate Oliver Thompson throwing a live fox to the hounds in front of hunt supporters – including a child – on Christmas Eve, 2020.

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Terrier Work – Hunting’s ‘Soft Underbelly’ Exposed Yet Again

Ex-Essex & Suffolk huntsman, Sam Staniland. was in court last Monday facing six animal welfare charges relating to terrier work.

The court heard how Staniland, who already has a conviction under the Hunting Act from his time at the Meynell & South Staffs, failed to prevent injuries and suffering to multiple terriers, a foxhound, and two lurchers by causing, and failing to prevent, dogs from fighting with foxes and badgers.

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Wiltshire Police Corruption:  Badger Protector Receives Substantial Damages From Police

A badger protector from Wiltshire has accepted substantial damages after being arrested on false – and subsequently withdrawn – claims made by a badger cull shooter. Wiltshire Police agreed a settlement on a case brought against them and admitted unlawful detainment, trespass against the person, assault and battery and a GDPR breach of the badger protectors’ personal information to a third party.

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Terrierman Alex Warden (in blue jumper) retrieves his terrier from the dug out badger sett as fiance Melissa Hyde leans over.

Fox Attack Case Discontinued Against Avon Vale Terrierman

There could not be a more obvious case of illegal hunting than that captured on camera by fox hunter Harry Mayo at a meet of the Avon Vale Hunt in Brokerswood in December 2022. The video, which showed Avon Vale terrierman Alex Warden retrieve his terrier from a badger sett, as someone lifted the doomed fox from the ground and threw them to the waiting hounds who proceeded to tear the terrified animal apart.

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Quantock Staghounds - a bit rattled by our presence are we? Stopped your killing spree? This unstable individual carriers a shotgun on his horse. WARNING -

Much like the laws that made fox hunting illegal 20 years ago, the hunts in Scotland still go out to hunt and kill foxes illegally even under the new law.

This will be something to consider if similar laws are eventually passed in the rest of the UK.

We cover many hundreds of miles stopping wildlife killers in their tracks. If you want to support our work, you can for the price of a coffee. We really appreciate your support.

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