Peterborough City Council Ban Hunting on their Land

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Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 10th December 2020

Last night, at a full council meeting, Peterborough City Council voted to ban hunting on their land.  The final count was 30 in favour of the resolution, 26 against and 4 abstentions.  The resolution stated: “This Council resolves to do everything within its legal powers to prevent trail hunting, exempt hunting, hound exercise and hunt meets on its land”.

The Council are the latest landowner to ban hunting on their land following national coverage of the leaked Hunting Office webinars which exposed the lies perpetrated by the hunting community.  The National Trust, Forestry England and United Utilities have all suspended hunting licenses while a police investigation takes place.

Cheshire west and Chester Council are voting on a similar resolution to ban hunting on their land this evening, Thursday 10th December.

A spokesperson from Peterborough Hunt Saboteurs commented: “The motion passed by Peterborough City Council this evening, sends a clear signal that fox hunts are not accepted in civilised society. The recently leaked Hunting Office webinars, and subsequent police investigations, have opened the public’s eyes to the deceit of trail hunting. We are hugely pleased that our local city council have joined the growing list of landowners to tell the hunts that they are no longer welcome.”

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The trail hunting smokescreen has well and truly been blown away and the British public are finally seeing the truth about “trail” hunting.  The hunting community have been engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to commit illegal acts for the past 15 years and people are sick of it.  We expect many more Councils to follow suit as more and more landowners protect themselves from being dragged into criminal acts.

More about the leaked webinars here –

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