Pregnant Saboteur taken to hospital after violent attacks in Essex

HSA news release 1st January 2005

Old year ‘seen out’ and new year ‘seen in’ at hunts with more attacks on hunt saboteurs.

Pregnant Saboteur taken to hospital after violent attacks on hunt saboteurs in Essex

Today (1 January) at the Essex Hunt at Woolards Ash, Hatfield Broadoak, a hunt saboteur was taken to hospital after she was whipped by a rider with the hunt, and then ridden over. The 28 year old sab was 9 weeks pregnant. She was ridden down on a public road next to a farm the hunt had stopped, she was chased by a hunt rider and jumped onto the verge to avoid him but he followed and attacked her. She was taken by ambulance to Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow. She was treated for head injuries and will be returning for a scan in a couple of days.

Yesterday (31 December) a red-coated hunt official from the East Essex Hunt at Little Maplestead near Halstead pointed out a saboteur’s vehicle and individuals to a gang of over 30 men. The 12 saboteurs were then attacked. Every one of them suffered some kind of injury. Equipment was also stolen from the saboteurs and an attempt was made to break into their vehicle. Later in the day 2 saboteurs were arrested when they occupied a drain to stop the hunt digging out a terrified fox that had sought refuge in there. The saboteurs were de-arrested when it transpired that the drain was maintained by a local council and the hunt had no right to interfere with it.

Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson Nathan Brown said “We are facing serious violence and what appear to be organised mobs of thugs. The danger to life and property and the public order problems are just being ignored by the police.”

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