Press report that Seal Cull abandoned due to pressure from Hunt Saboteurs

BBC Scotland are reporting that the slaughter of seals in, and around, Gardenstown Harbour in the North East of Scotland has been abandoned due to pressure from hunt saboteurs and Sea Shepherd. The Scottish Wild Salmon Company was killing the animals to prevent them eating the salmon that they wished to catch and kill for human consumption.
The presence of the anti cull campaigners has made it impossible for the killers to shoot seals so the company have now announced they will instead use acoustic devices to drive seals away from nets. Hunt saboteurs will remain in the area to ensure that the cull has definately finished in this area and if it has will turn their attentions to other areas in Scotland where the seal slaughter continues.
Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated: “While we are pleased to see media reports that the slaughter in Gardenstown has been abandoned we do not trust these companies that are willing to murder wild animals to protect their profits. Hunt saboteurs will therefore remain in the area to ensure they remain true to their word. If as they claim the seals can be repelled using acoustic devices then we would ask Natural Scotland to revoke all the licences they have issued to kill seals as this more humane alternative is surely preferable.”

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