Pro-hunt police appear content to torture fox lovers rather than catch serial rapist

HSA news release 27th October 2002
Pro-hunt police appear content to torture fox lovers rather than catch serial rapist

Hunt Saboteurs are blasting the level of police resources directed at them during the Opening Meet of the Surrey Union Hunt at Ockley near Dorking, yesterday (Sat 26 Oct). Surrey Police have already had a budget cut this year and a serial rapist remains uncaught, yet the force was able to supply in excess of 50 officers to help the Surrey Union Hunt kill foxes.

One local saboteur, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I can’t believe this over policing when early on Saturday morning a 15 year old girl was attacked. They should be trying to catch whoever carried out that attack.” Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) spokesperson Nathan Brown added “I am sure that the public, who are largely anti-hunting, would like to see their taxes spent on tackling serious crime not assisting fox hunters. Previously we co-operated with Surrey Police and held regular liaison meetings to try to reduce the level of money wasted on policing hunts. This year their policy has altered to waste money by serving the hunting fraternity before the public.”

Throughout the day, in what appeared to be a pre-planned operation, hunting horns were confiscated from saboteurs under the ruse that they were “offensive weapons”. In reality, the copper horns are used to distract the hounds from the fox the hunt is pursuing. The HSA spokesperson said “This was obviously biased policing.”

During the day there were three arrests as anti-hunt activists tried to ascertain whether the hunt was illegally digging into a badger sett. One hunt monitor was assaulted and subjected to severe pain as police seized her video camera. Instead of being taken away, the protestors were handcuffed, held at the scene for 20 minutes and forced to watch as terriermen dug out and killed a fox whilst hunt supporters laughed and tormented them. One of the protestors said today “It was pure torture being forced to watch what they did to that defenceless animal.”

A complaint is being made to the Chief Constable of Surrey Police that his officers tortured peaceful protestors.


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