Revealed – How hunters will try to beat ban

Balaclava thug at fox hunt in Essex

HSA news release 11th December 2004

Revealed – How hunters will try to beat ban

The above picture, taken at a joint meet of the Essex Farmers & Union Hunt with the East Essex last Saturday (4 December 2004) reveals how hunters will try to beat a ban on killing wild animals for fun. The picture shows a hunt supporter mounted on a quad bike wearing a balaclava to conceal his identity.

The masked hunt supporter, Bryn Chittenden, boasted that the police would not be able to identify him. There were numerous assaults on hunt saboteurs throughout the day with several receiving bruising and one female saboteur received a suspected broken nose. Later, the hunt waited for saboteurs to arrive at a farm before a fox was thrown to the hounds in front of them.

In 1993 Roger Wakefield, Essex and Farmers Union Terrierman was given 160 hours community service after being found guilty of violent disorder and affray against saboteurs. Hunt supporter, Bryn Chittenden (pictured) was also convicted of the same offences and given 120 hours community service.

Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesperson Nathan Brown said “The Countryside Alliance claims hunting will take place ‘as normal’ on 19th February 2005. Yet before the ban is even enforced the hunting fraternity are concealing their identities. When the hunting ban is in place we can expect to see more hunt supporters dressed in this way. These lawbreakers will carry on their violence and intimidation against animals and anyone who gets in their way. Comments by police forces that they do not intend to enforce the ban will be seen by these thugs as encouragement to break the law. We will still be there to record the evidence and save lives.”

For the police (to whom Chittenden is well known) and anyone interested, the pictures below show this thug unmasked during previous attacks and protests:

Chittenden  sporting black eyes from another punch up Chittenden  attacks protestors boxing day 1999

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