Saboteurs take to skies to stop Hare Hunting Festival

Hunt saboteurs are to use aerial drones to coordinate disruption of a hare-hunting ‘festival’ taking place in Cumbria this week.


During the Alston Hare Week, which starts Monday, October 13,hunters with packs of beagle hounds -bred and trained to hunt hares-will travel from across the country to hunt the moors above the market town of Alston.

Members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association will be in attendance throughout the week using non-violent direct action to save the lives of any hunted animals.


HSA spokesperson Lee Moon said: “Our new camera drones will be used to locate the hunters and ensure our activists are always in the best tactical position to stop hares being ripped to pieces.This week the  hunters will become the hunted.”



Notes to Editors:

(1)’Beagling’ is the practice of hunting hares with a pack of beagles. The hounds are followed on foot by hunters and supporters.

(2)There are 68 beagle packs operating in Britain today.  Since the hunting ban, hare hunters have become increasingly secretive about their activities.The HSA believes illegal hunting of hares is widespread amongst beagle packs.

(3)Alston Hare Week is organised by the Weardale and Tees Valley Beagles. Between 70-100 beaglers attend annually, making it one of the most important events in the hare hunting calendar.  

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