Saboteurs target mid-week Hare Hunts


Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 6th of November 2013

The Hunt Saboteurs Association yesterday intensified its campaign against hare hunting by attending a mid-week meet of the Bucks- based Old Berkeley Beagles.

The hunt met at Leverets Farm near the village of Marsh Gibbon. On arrival, hunt sabs armed with video cameras followed the hunt into fields.

Under such close observation they made no attempt to hunt and returned to the farm in less than an hour.

HSA Press Officer Lee Moon,who was present on the day, explained: “All hunts meet on at least one week day in addition to the Saturday. These secretive mid-week hunts are attended by only the most trusted supporters and,with the countryside at its quietest, provide an ideal opportunity for illegal hunting. Mid-week hunts such as this will therefore be a priority for us this coming season.”


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