Sabs Attacked at Closing Meet of Modbury Harriers


Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 31st March 2018

Devon County Hunt Sabs & Somerset Hunt Saboteur Group sabbed the closing meet of the Modbury Harriers at Brownstone Manor near Holbeton, Devon today. Early in the afternoon sabs stopped hounds chasing a fox that was being actively hunted on by huntsman Harry Gosling. The illegal hunting was caught on camera.


Shortly after, two sabs were viciously attacked by a group of 6 terriermen attached to the hunt. They grabbed the female sab and pulled her to the ground, punching her in the head repeatedly. They stopped the male sab from trying to defend her, pushing him down a hill and punching and kicking him. Two quad bikes were driven into him, knocking him to the ground, and a quad bike was deliberately driven over his legs multiple times while he was on the ground. They then pinned him against the quad bike and ripped his body camera and radio off him.


The thugs made away with all the sabs’ equipment and personal possessions, including bags, a radio and the cameras that had footage of the fox being hunted and the assaults. The assaulted sabs received black eyes, leg injuries and cuts and bruises.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “ We have come to terms with the fact that police forces will generally side with illegal hunters rather than hunt saboteurs but even in this biased world Devon and Cornwall Police are one of the worst. They consistently turn a blind eye to illegal hunting and assaults on the saboteurs who try and stop it. We would normally ask the public to contact the Police and Crime Commissioner to force the police to act but as Alison Hernandez, the Devon and Cornwall PCC, is a well known proponent of hunting there seems little point.


We ask that people contact Devon & Cornwall Police and ask what they are doing to locate the six culprits, whose details they have, to recover the evidence of the assaults and the stolen property. Also to ask them what they are doing in general about illegal hunting and hunt violence which goes unpunished week after week.

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