Members of the hunt saboteurs from far and wide have been in proposed badger Cull zones for many weeks, gathering information on badger setts and other useful information to prevent the cull. This Saturday over 50 hunt sabs descended on Orchard Wyndham and other near locations including  an impromptu inspection of peasant pens on a shooting estate much to the distress of the workers. Although police were aware of the sabs presence no attempt was made to communicate and sabs were free to roam at will across the sab zones.

Lee Moon of the Hunt Saboteurs Association stated:

“Our members will be back in the cull zones when the shooting stars and we save badgers by sabotaging the cull. The vast majority of the population is against this unscientific cull and we will prevent as many deaths as possible. We have been inundated with message of support from the public, as well as substantial donations. The British public is proving itself to be as pro animal as normal, but this  government fails to represent the vast majority’s views and continues with their vendetta against the nations wildlife.”

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